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Official Discussion Thread for "Crown Store Showcase—April 2020"

This is the official discussion thread for the "Crown Store Showcase—April 2020" blog article.

Show your dedication to your divinity of choice with special styles, furnishings, and a colorful chicken (!) with April’s selection of Crown Store additions.
Staff Post
  • DragonRacer
    Is the Senche-Raht mount going to be available for Crowns or for Crown Gems?
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  • Darktrox
    I guess the storm atronach mount will be with crown store gems indeed?
  • DragonRacer
    @DragonRacer it will be available for Crowns. Crown Gem exclusives will be called out in a separate section if there are any in the Crown Store Showcase.

    Thank you. I kinda thought they were, but wanted to be sure.

    With everything going on right now, my pay is cut a bit and I was definitely hoping it'd be available for Crowns rather than trying to burn crates for Crown gems, which would be a little cruel right now so thank you. Means I don't have a zero hope chance at obtaining the mount. <3
    PS5 NA. GM of The PTK's - a free trading guild (CP 500+). Also a werewolf, bites are free when they're available. PSN = DragonRacer13
  • Ode2Order
    A good month :D I'm definitely not disappointed.
  • GuyTheFirst
    Soul Shriven
    Any guesses on the price for Cadwell's Portal?
  • Mix
    Is the Dragonguard Supply Chest going to be once per day per account or per character?
  • PandaPalace
    Will the New Moon Priest motifs be 100% drop from Dragonguard Supply Chest?
  • Vinterskald
    Still no adorable assassin :confused: Hope you'll bring that one back soon as well!!

    Looking forward to the New Moon style though :)
    Barra agea ry sou karan.

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  • tim99
    that new house....


    700 slots....



    Edited by tim99 on March 31, 2020 6:29PM
  • Radiance
    Is the Rock Pet not being sold this Jester Fest!?
  • Aptonoth
    Had to get that lovely house. I have the perfect plan to furnish that sweet home. Cadwell excellent. An unexpectedly expensive month due to the house and decorations but perfect home for thieves and assassins.
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