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EU Server

Soul Shriven
Can't log in, says login timeout.
  • The_Saint
  • esterwind
    I also have the same issue. After 3 weeks of massive connection problems every evening and random disconnects besides the incredible high ping, now i can't even log in. This just gets worse...
  • Evova
    Soul Shriven
    Same here,and half the guild too
  • HerrPulaRau
    Well... after over 2 weeks of huge lag spikes and practically impossible to stay logged in more than 10 minutes at a time, hundreds of forum posts and probably thousands of in game chats saying "am I still on?", it seems that it finally crashed completely.

    Maybe now someone will actually prioritize the lag/crash/log in fail issues. Here's hoping that this huge fail will have an actual positive outcome.

    I mean... I prefer not playing 2 days then have an actual good time than last 2 weeks when my 5 year old learned how servers work, what is latency and how to trace routes and ping.
  • ZOS_Bill
    There were recently connection issues affecting players on the PC-EU megaserver. With the recent maintenance these connection issues should now be resolved. Since there are multiple threads discussing this issue we will be closing this thread.
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