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After not logging in and just reading forum posts I had to see if it was this bad with my own eyes. So after seeing it with my own eyes my question is: Do you have any plan on making this game work? since I've logged in PC EU Cyrodiil and played for 30 min and had a 2-3 sec delay on everything. I'm not even going to rant about the LA HA changes after all we've been through they don't surprise me. But please just make it playable.
  • Tigertron
    Your preaching to the choir. Another patch is scheduled but the last two brought us no help.

    I was playing pve last night at a very late hour (2am PST) and had really bad desync issues doing simple dungeons. It was like the mobs didn't know I was there and I couldn't land hits then it would start working. Then not. Ping and frame rate are very good but desync is just crazy. It makes combat almost impossible. I have even noticed desync when responding to quest conversations. I have to hit E several times to get it to progress.
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