Xbox NA-Adult vet trial team-LF a few more

Great Odin's Ravens is a smallish guild that is restarting our retired vet trail team. We're all adult working professionals & and a few parents. We have zero tolerance for drama & toxicity, we value the time and enjoy working together on progression. Right now we have about 8-10 but looking to build the team to 14 to allow flexibility. If we're short we prefer not to add PUGs. Currently we've been running on Thursday nights, but we're discussing the schedule to build a time that work best for the team. Don't sweat it if you don't have the gear, we'll help. All we ask is you be @ least 300cp, have an open mind and be ready to grind out progression. No dps parse needed. We BS & joke between pulls but clear voice communications during a fight we're learning so the trial leader can lead. If you'd prefer, let me know and we can set up a time to run a dungeon with a few of us, get a feel for how we work.

Feel free to contact the following in game:
Lateralus 1 618

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