Founding Trading Guild / Open Apps (GM)!

Soul Shriven
Hello Dear Reader,

First off let me tell you my name is Shane, my Gamertag: SH

I have been playing ESO since BETA on Xbox. I am CP 970 with 10-15 toons all various builds and classes. I am truly interested in creating a community where new players and vets can thrive in. I work 9a-5pm Central through the weekend mostly am on everyday with different activities on my mind.

With all this being said I am looking for a partner/co-founder and investor for a idea of creating a brand new trading guild. I truly do want this concept to flourish and will be doing all I can to make this true.

This is how I wish to go forward. My gamertag: SH

Will be on my Xbox app all day today while at work. Message me your CP, years on the game, and current interest/build and an investment amount you are %100! Comfortable with as I will be matching it.

Once I get off today I will invite those who apply to a 1 on 1 party chat and we will see how everything goes from there. I know we can do this, and can’t wait to find someone who sees the vision as much as I do!
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