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The Oath of Compassion Paladin Tank (Templar Healing + Tanking)

"Paladins swearing the Oath of Compassion are natural leaders against the forces of chaos. Standing in the vanguard shoulder to shoulder with their companions, the Oath of Compassion is for those who seek to support their friends on the front lines rather from the back."

Ive always wanted a healing support tank in eso, but due to the way tanks are its you cannot really get high damage/healing numbers with a normal tanking build. Instead, the tank is expected to debuff the enemies or buff the team while holding aggro. This works great for classes like dragonknight, but its definitely lackluster on a templar, which doesnt have many ccs, debuffs, or group support skill. For a templar tank in general i feel like this is the wrong approach for how to build one. I wanted to try something different from the standard alcast or xynode build most people copy and run, and by doing that I made a tank that is good in both healing and tanking. If you want a traditional dnd paladin or simply want to try something different then you will enjoy this build.

Good healing over time and burst
Good magicka pool (30k)
Good magicka sustain
Lots of self healing and tanky
Good for 1 tank and 3 dps set ups
High Tooltip Numbers - (10k Honor the dead, 2000 hps illustrious healing)

Poor in fights where you have to be mobile
Almost no cc (silver leach and time stop are the only option, this is a templar tank issue in general)
No crusher or alkosh armor debuff
Poor stamina sustain (need lots of heavy attacks)

5 Plague Doctor (easy to get and cheap set, good for tanking in general) - Reinforced Chest, Sturdy Legs, Feet and Shield, Infused 1h and Restoration Staff, make sure the 1h has absorb stamina enchant and the resto has the weapon power enchant
5 Spell Power Cure (this will give your group major courage boosting dps) -2x Magicka Regen 1x Spell Damage Necklace and Rings, Sturdy Arms and Belt,
Alternative sets for spc: Hollowfang Thirst, Sanctuary, Worm Cult, Olorime
2 Heavy Lord Warden, (infused helm, sturdy shoulder), you can also slot Bogdan or Earth gore

Bar 1 - 1h/Shield
Inner Fire
Pierce Armor
Honor The Dead/Breath Of Life/Ritual of Rebirth (depends on which burst heal you prefer or need, all have their ups and downs)
Luminous Shards (spam this to pull mobs for a short time and provide extra group resources, can also put Healing Orb here instead too)
Repentance (flex skill if needed, but i do recommend for the extra stamina it gives)
Ultimate - Lights Champion/Practiced Incantation/Solar Prison (Practiced Incantion/Lights Champion is a good oh *** button if the worst happens, which one you use depends on if you will need to move around or block during the boss fight. Solar Prison is good for the major main which will reduce the amount of damage the boss does to you and your team. It also has a 10k damage synergy and 2.5k dot)

Bar 2 - Restoration Staff
Extended Ritual
Siphon Spirit (flex skill if healer is using elemental drain, slot degeneration for the extra spell damage and healing, sun shield, or silver leach)
Radiating Regeneration
Channeling Focus
Illustrious Healing
Ultimate - Aggresive Warhorn

They can be anywhere depending on your race, but i recommend to have atleast 35k Health and 17k Stamina, rest goes into magicka
Dunmer works best for this setup due to the max attributes and damage from the racial bonus, but High Elf, Nord, and Breton can also work, youll just have to change your attributes a bit.
Crown or purple tristat food
Champion Points:
Use whatever is recommend for a healer at your cp level.
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