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Dumb ESO Builds: 20k Health Sorcerer Tank

Hello everyone. This is, hopefully, the first of many ESO videos I plan to make showcasing dumb, interesting and unviable builds that are fun to think about and to play around. This first episode focuses on a sorcerer tank build that has only 20k health. The footage used in this videos are from Veteran Moon Hunter Keep Hard Mode and Veteran Frostvault Hardmode.

Pros of the build (Why this build is interesting):

Take advantage of the unique sorcerer mechanics to achieve massive damage mitigation

Takes advantage of the block mitigation formulae to exploit that that massive damage mitigation.

Has only 20k health, but is roughly as tanky as a tank with 54k health.

Easier for healer to heal through various mechanics due to our health being worth much more than your typical tank

Even unviable, I still managed to clear vMHK HM with this.

Cons of the build (Why you shouldn’t play this build in any serious trial/dungeon contents):

Have to press Bound Aegis every 3 seconds

Has no group support whatsoever

Very risky if bound aegis fall off (which they will)

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  • MashmalloMan
    Liked the editing, look forward to seeing more of these!
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  • dazee
    I once had to heal a 15k HP "tank" who spent the majority of his time in WW form or dead through WGT normal mode. if it was vet, we'd never have cleared of course, but being a good healer I could manage to at least keep the dps (which was tankier than he was) alive enough to finish.
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