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Solo Arenas, Gold Making & Beginner guides -

Hello! Welcome to my Gold Making & Beginner Guides Thread.

Here you can find several guides that will help you start and progress in-game. I will be updating this post whenever I release a new guide on my site so make sure to keep an eye!

You can find my PVE & PVP Builds in this thread:

For ESO Sets & Skills you can take a look at

Latest Guides:

Gold Making Guides

Armor Sets Guides

More info on Sets at

Class-Race Guides

ESO Complete Class Guide:
ESO Best Solo Class Guide:
ESO Race Guide:

Gameplay Guides

Beginner Guides

    Crafting Guides

    Daily Quests

    Events Guides

    Anniversary Jubilee Event Guide:
    Jester's Festival Event Guide:
    Tribunal Celebration Event Guide:
    Midyear Mayhem Event Guide:
    New Life Festival Event Guide:
    Undaunted Celebration Event Guide:
    Witches Festival Event Guide:
    Lost Treasures of Skyrim Event:
    Imperial City Celebration Event:
    Summerset Celebration Event:


    Dwarven Ebon Wolf Mount Guide:

    Mythic Items

    Ring of the Pale Order Leads Guide:
    Malacath's Band of Brutality Leads Guide:
    Ring of the Wild Hunt Guide:
    Snow Treaders Leads Guide:
    Thrassian Stranglers Leads Guide:
    Bloodlord's Embrace Leads Guide:
    Torc of Tonal Constancy Leads Guide:
    Pearls of Ehlnofey Leads Guide:

    More guides coming soon!
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