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Any other steam user having trouble logging in right now?


First I got 'internal error' when I tried to log in, so I followed the directions and repaired the launcher client, restarted, only to come back and see that steam is down. It doesn't look like the devs are aware of this yet as there's no banner at the top. Just wondering if anyone else who uses steam is having this problem.
  • DLM
    Yes, can't login either.
  • DovahkiinHeart
    Well it looks like they know now.
  • ChioARC
    Cant login....Internal error. Saddly i have the worst steam version.
  • DovahkiinHeart
    It seems the issue is solved for me now. Hopefully you guys have the same luck in the next hour or so!
  • ZOS_Bill
    We are getting reports from players of issues that are affecting Steam users ability to login at this time.
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  • Spearpoint

    When launching ESO from Steam, I can't log in to my PC-EU account, but I could log in to my PC-NA (never really using this account). Got a message saying something like "An Unexpected internal error has occurred. Please contact customer service."

    Could work around it by launching the client from steamapps/ etc.. and logging in to my EU account. This isn't illegal or prohibited, is it?
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  • valroy_cl
    Soul Shriven
    yeah its been fixed now, steam has been acting up all day for me
  • Stevie6
    NA PC is still down for me. Cannot retrieve announcements and connection timed out blah blah blah. More Steam goodness.
  • zanosuz
    It’s all Steam. I went to login to Steam to play Legends and it gave an error stating Steam Log-in servers are unavailable.
    ESO started fine from the normal launcher without Steam, so it’s not ESO.
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