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Is level 50 pvp closed to the average player?

I made a post about not finding groups to pvp with. I can't accomplish much alone and i enjoy the larger groups. Im not confident to start my own group because i have no leadership experience. Pvp players want good solid leadership.

Since midyear mayhem started I got one group and was so excited that i edited my post about not finding groups as ' resolved''.
Today i asked for group and was trolled yet again on NA/PC. I asked players if they got group when they asked and they said yes.

I do my part in pvp, i have my pvp rank, no pve titles, i have a pvp build, gear, gold food, get my buffs in a delve prior to asking for a group. I never allow my siege to run out. Im ver prepared. I'm not a hardcore pvper but i am always absorbing new info so i can improve.

I enjoy siege and open world pvp, large raids and team work.

Today i was crushed...we are well into midyear mayhem and i cant get ANY group, non in a level 50 campaign. I try other campaigns outside my home campaign...nothing.

Today i experienced such a dark place i felt depressed and as an adult paying for a game for a bit of doesnt make sense to me.
I cant even find a big pvp guild cos when i ask in zone I get recruited by tiny new guilds that dont have enough members to jump into cyro with.

I decided to just get my 3 tickets daily and not even attempt to ask for a group. Its got so bad i fear being mocked and trolled so i wont type anything in zone because its all ive got back. So my pvp hopes, my passion for cyro was destroyed today. Cyro seems to be full of very immature players that act like 12 yr olds.

If Zos is interested in my plight I have screen shots of my experience asking to join a group day in and day out.

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  • ChunkyCat
    do BGs.
  • x48rph
    I guess it could be different depending on faction but I play in NoCP on NA and there's usually at least one or two groups picking up pugs, especially at night during an event so I don't understand why you can't get a group. Maybe instead of trying to group with some randos though, you should look up some of the guilds for whatever faction you play on and apply to those. You'd most likely find it to be much nicer than dealing with zone chat trolls.
  • NyassaV
    The PvP player base isn't as big as it used to be for multiple reasons. Thus sometimes guilds are harder to come by.
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  • sParkSnare
    Have you thought about joining a PvP-focused guild? Guild Finder should be helpful.

    Also, PUG groups often advertise in zone chat throughout the day (especially during Mayhem). If you're hesitant to post more LFGs, maybe it would be worth it to zerg surf for a while when you arrive in Cyro and watch for PUG invitations in zone chat. You might have to be patient because there aren't enough people willing to lead a PUG compared to the number of people who seem to want to join a PUG - but you certainly should be able to have some fun and contribute to the cause while waiting if you follow a group around and/or check the map and zone chat for hotspots.
  • The_Art_of_Paw
    You aren't alone in feeling this way, I am recently returning on a casual basis and experience similar.

    For a bit of insight to what goes on in there...
    Midyear mayhem in general has a lot of trolling going on, something different for trolls to mess with new players
    You also have grievances between pre-made groups happening that flare up in zone chat non stop

    There are a lot of kind players in the mix, and every now and then the big groups try to branch our to reach some of the fresh players to recruit. It just can take a long time if you aren't used to those interactions and/or know what to look for and what to avoid when dealing with people

    People running the big groups, usually, want to win. Their groups fall apart long term if they are getting wiped on everyrthing attempt. This results in them having unrealistic expectations to new comers. The amount of prep you do, is beyond what most would usually look for in a recruit so it is likely timing (leaders being exhausted or frustrated) that you are encountering.

    You also have the "spy/griefer" factor. And also the unwanted elitists. These are people that end up in those big groups, are liked for being good initially yet in the long run will be very disruptive to the groups goals. Either by revealing plans/locations to the opposition or not listening to crown and trying to take over the group each run.

    I hope this gives you a sample of what goes on in there to explain the tensions. Don't give up hope, if its a game you enjoy, there are like minded people on here that you will eventually run in to.

    There is much more happening in the dynamics. Group power struggles, guild takeovers, guild dominance, all sorts of other insanity adding to the tensions.

    I am paws09 in game. You are welcome to send me a mail if you want someone like minded to chat to for a little. We might even be able to start a group together (I have a lot of leading experience, just my build knowledge is outdated). Keep in mind that I am experiencing the same so I have my boundaries up to unknown correspondence so please let me know who you are if you do mail me.

    Wishing you well out there, it's a tough environment but there are like minded people here. There is always hope and you aren't alone, hang in there!
  • Sporigudinai
    If you go for a guild with discord, it can be easy for you to talk and participate in the pvp with them.
    Sir Eizenheim - DC Sotha
    Sporigudunai - DC Kyne
  • Kagukan
    I solo PC/NA Cyrodiil 99.9% of the time. You can accomplish tons solo.
    As far as chat trolls go, that is common for everyone. You have an ignore list, use it. Don't take their comments personal. They are mean angry small people in real life and their outlet to try to make others miserable like they are is a video game.
  • Melivar
    I have only ever had to wait more than 5 minutes when playing my AD character though that was in a lower pop campaign before MYMH, but ran around several times for an hour watching and occasionally typing lfg in zone chat with no reply.

    For DC it seems the best almost every time I am on my DC characters there seems to be x, y and sometimes z groups constantly recruiting.

    EP is also pretty good, not as many advertised groups but almost always get picked up right away when I type lfg in zone chat.
  • Lumsdenml
    My best suggestion, as was stated earlier, is find a pvp focused guild. Most guilds (and the guilds I belong to) are happy to help beginning players. Most have crafters to help you with gear at cost, mats or no gold (I do not charge for crafting for guildies). They will also be helpful with builds, techniques and pvp strategies. Cyrodiil is a lonely place for a lone soldier. Guilds make all the difference.
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  • Imryll
    I think it just takes a little time to get to know folks--and MYM when the campaigns are flooded with inexperienced PvPers probably isn't the best time to look for a warm welcome.

    If you can't find a group, zone chat and the map can help you locate fights. And folks who see you being helpful during an attack or defense are more likely to invite you to join their group than folks who just see an "LFG" in zone chat, at least that's been my experience. It may not apply to you, but I'd also be careful not to sound irritable or entitled when asking for groups. Ultimately, you want folks to think that their playtime would be more productive and enjoyable if they asked you to join them.

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