Constant disconnects

Hi, I have been having constant disconnects all day. Doesnt matter what I am doing, just seems to randomly happen. Checked my internet and all is fine there. After I get the error 304 account already logged in. This is really getting annoying.
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  • mocap
    have them too. In Cyrodiil though, 10-15 minutes - disconnect.
  • Lizzrdd
    I dont go to Cyrodiil, but from what Ive read in the forums its really bad there. Im getting DC about every 2 hours...hope they can figure this out soon for all of us!
    Play how you want to, not how others tell you to! Live and let Play!
  • Turgenev
    Yeah, this came up in November last year, and it seems to be happening again since the patch this week. I try logging into a toon from the selection screen, and it times me out. Try to log back in, I get 304. Etc.

    I thought we were done this bug.
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  • ZOS_Bill
    This thread is being closed as there are already multiple discussions about disconnections while in Cyrodiil. You can continue this discussion in the thread linked below.

    Constant disconnecting [NA]
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