Optimising collection quests

During events, like Midyear Mayhem, any of the collection quests in Cyrodiil get much more frustrating to complete. Instead of the usual straightfoward process of reaching a spawn point and picking it up, you end up running circuits. ESO quests were largely created without a bunch of collection missions, in part for this very reason.

Is there any particular value in keeping players stuck in one of the quest hubs for extended periods?
  • doomette
    Those blasted Crops produce bags. That was pretty much the only “PVP” around the end of the event in one of those throwaway campaigns.
  • ShawnLaRock
    Spread out your dailies between towns (there are, after all, like... 50 of them) - and blast into town to pick-up / turn when your faction takes a hub.

  • idk
    There are a number of quest hubs. You can stick with one or go to others. The purpose of the design was convenience by having one location where a player could get multiple quests. None have a particularly interesting story and they seem to be stand alone. It just merely for achievements.
    Really, idk
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