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Should there be two BG queues?

  • Rizz_the_Filthy_Dino
    Provide two separate queues: one strictly pitting solo players against each other, one pitting only pre-formed groups.
    Bold of any of you to assume there's enough players to fill two queues when there's barely enough to fill 1 outside of maybe primetime.

    One queue > Branches off into two based on group size. Boom, fixed.
  • idk
    Bad poll. Did not provide for one queue for everyone regardless if they queue solo or queue with friends. Pre-made grops were not a real issue except to have something to blame for not doing well in a BG match.
  • Neloth
    Leave only one queue that no longer allows friends/allies to group up and queue together
    - premades stomping pugs in all types of BGs, including below lvl50
    - new players stop playing BGs
    - queue takes 10+ mins for many players
    - ZoS doesn't want to make a group queue, cause "not enough players"

    premades: "but why don't we have enough players?"

    indeed, why...
    Edited by Neloth on February 26, 2020 9:36AM
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