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Treasure Maps - Only Discovered Treasures are remembered - Any Addons?

Hi there :)

Not sure if the subject explains what I'm after very well, but I'd like an addon which allows me to see lost treasures on my map, but only if I've discovered them already. Actually, I guess I'm looking for a 'Lorebooks' but for Treasures. I've had a search but can only find addons which place pins whether you've found the spot or not. Or, I'm being unobservant. x)

Many thanks!
  • WiseSky
    I have not found any yet.

    Congratz on Hunting the Treasure Maps Blinds its super fun, I have finished Roost and Audrion as of now. And just did 1 map in gratwood...
    I collected 18 cyrodiil maps... and will do them blind too... Today I for the first time went to Cyrodiil and OMG that is gonna be the best Treasure hunt ever! The maps is HUGE and its dangerous too :D
    I beat the Loot Box System,
    I got an Apex Mount from a Free Drop Crate.
  • DBZVelena
    I think this might be a feature request you could ask for at a map pins addon of your choice.

    I don't think this exists yet as a separate addon. i do know its a feature used by some map pin makers to find the locations of chests on new maps, and then the addon relays the coordinates back to the addon maker. So i know it can be done.
    What are Natch Potes? Can you eat those?
    I believe in Genie-Gina.
  • RD065
    Can't you see it with Desinations add on? Its off by default and it marks the treasure with a big red X.
  • votan73
    If you want to set marker by yourself, you may want to try
    without the external resource data.
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