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Why again got email about filling Survey even before Reply from C.Service :o

Couple days ago 11th of Jan Sent ticket to a.recovery address. Didn't receive confirmation email about it, but got email with Survey fill up request came on next day :o:D I have some data to process once actually have received reply from support & then to fill up the survey :pensive: Tech crew should make some changes to that automated emailing so that survey filling request comes after the supporter (plr) have received written reply from Customer Service.

Now waiting for reply to my msg. I also took a screenie from the details i put up there. In case of C.Service not even receiving it at all even ref. number was created. That can be seen on the attached image. The reason for contacting is old login bug to Support account. I've tried w 3x diff. browsers & no addons enabled. Still always get same 'login failed' response to top left corner with no additional details :( Wish good week & prospperous safe New Year to Devs, Support Crew & Fans.

Kindly: Long time Supporter via Sub & sharing good word about ESO :) Even currently it has too lazy simplified transportation built in & too lazy mode normal dg's.
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