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Can’t login to any of my characters

Soul Shriven
Has anyone had any issues w logging into characters recently? I have 13 chars and this morning only 4 were able to be logged into. And all four were actively in PvP areas (Cyrodiil and/or Imperial City). I logged out for food and have tried logging into my characters and as of this moment I can’t login into ANY of them. It stays on “requesting character load...” for about a minute or two then goes to an error screen, either saying timed out of unable to connect to game servers.

I have a valid connection as I’ve been in party chat while trying to get the game working. And haven’t been booted from party chat. And all other online games work fine. I found it odd how this morning only 4 chars were accessible and now none can be logged into. I submitted a ticket this morning early but have yet to hear anything back, not even an automated one. This is going to suck if it’s not fixed by the time the Undaunted event starts up.

So anyone have any tips/solutions to try until I hear back from ZOS? I deleted the save data first thing this morning. That didn’t seem to help. I’ve switched from LAN to WiFi, w no change. I have a guildie that’s had two characters he can’t log into for weeks now while trying to get them fixed but only can log into one of his three characters. He’s currently in our officer chat saying ZOS is saying it’s a PS4 problem but that just sounds like them blaming someone else for an issue they can’t figure out how to fix. I don’t want the same to happen to me.
Not Mr Sivy
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