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Is there any way to accelerate a response for ESO support?

@ZOS_BillE Sent a ticket to ESO support yesterday to try and recover my account as I am trying to come back to the game and am unable to log in or reset my password. I have tried every possible password / security question answer I wold have used, and no go.

So I put a ticket in and to my understanding I should have received an automated email, but didn't so I put another ticket in and still no response.

So posting here in hopes that a moderator or someone is able to help me.

Ticket reference #:200102-001426
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  • VaranisArano
    By posting here and including your ticket number, that's probably all you can do, unless you also want to tag a ZOS moderator. Unfortunately, putting in additional tickets tend to reset your problem in the queue.
  • EmrisDovahLord
    Cool hopefully this will work then. Just purchased all the DLC and really want to get back in and not want to completely restart everything or create an entirely new email for a new account.
  • idk
    What Varanis suggested which is what you did. Tagging @ZOS_BillE might help since it seems they are here this week.
    Really, idk
  • bongtokin420insd16
    I have three tickets in and all three have been ignored for over a week, some 2 weeks. All just resource refunds/tickets for glitches/player issues.

    I have never opened one for an issue like this before, just had 3 back to back. (Bad timing)
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  • EmrisDovahLord
    I've opening tickets in the past when they still had phone support, and often had to make a call to get a timely response in the past. I understand there are probably a lot of tickets in circulation and expect there to be a wait, but I'm itching too get back in the game again.
  • ZOS_BillE

    Thanks for including the ticket number. I've sent you a message regarding your account ticket.
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  • deadwinston
    @EmrisDovahLord Where did you find a number to call? I searched for days and days while my ticket wasn't responded to. It took 30 days to get my account back. One period had support not responding for 7 days and another time they didn't respond for 12 days.
  • EmrisDovahLord
    @deadwinston The phone number no longer works just gets answered by what sounds like an extremely angry secretary of some sort that tells you to contact support via the website. Then hung up on. Sorry about your experience hopefully it ends up working out for you in the end l.
  • deadwinston
    @EmrisDovahLord Well that's too bad there isn't a way to make sure you're talking to a person. I did finally get the account unlocked, but it's bittersweet because they still haven't acknowledged that the error is their fault. So as it stands I've now paid almost $30 because I bought Elsweyr on sale for $14.

    Hopefully someone in support can at least get you back into the account without mugging you for an extra $16.

  • EmrisDovahLord
    Yea I'm good and back into the game. Sorry about that man, but this is why I handle all my transactions from ESO with Steam...
  • deadwinston
    @EmrisDovahLord Ahh, my ESO account predates the ability to get it on Steam. That would be the better way to do it now I suppose.
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