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Need help with my account!

Soul Shriven
So Greetings, I was away from the game for some months now and my brother decided he would like to try it out so I'd figure I'd buy the new expansion and join him.

So I bought the new expansion and all and when I was about to logg on I noticed that my email did not have the account linked to my mail (I tried to request new Password/Log in but it wont request any as if I never had an account). I have no idea why so I tried to submit a ticket. Now the issue is when I submit a ticket trough Bethseda and I want to check my ticket for progress it does not appear so I do not know where else to turn then here, this Forum ID is also linked to the account I am talking about.

I've spent both lots of time and money into this game so at the moment I am very afraid it all has been for nothing and this really made my christmas feel not as good as intended even worse I even feel bad I even encountered this issue.

The Ticket ID is:

Thank you for submitting your ticket. Your reference #:191224-003156

But I myself are not able to find any information about this and even though I make new tickets they wont show up anywhere.

I have all the payments trough paypal made to the account.

I have CD key for Morrowind expansion and such when installed into the game.

I have recipt for Crowns and Sub which we're made trough paypal.
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