Volendrung still DESTROYING cyrodill performance

Please remove this, the servers can not handle it in prime time hours
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  • PuddingZebra
    ZoS have spent the past 3 years trying to get people to spread out in Cyrodiil, So of course its a "good" idea to create a massive blob of players following or trying to take the hammer?

    Sheesh I give up. Bring back the Deer.

    NO!!! NOT THE DEER...:(
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  • JanTanhide
    Agree. Get rid of this thing. Doesn't add any play value to PVP.
  • Rowjoh
    The Hammer completely destroys the maps equilibrium, is grossly unfair on the underdog and any semblance of fair, balanced and strategic gameplay and meaningful and skilful PVP becomes impossible and pointless, even for the alliance wielding the hammer!

    It is so ABSURDLY imbalanced, it doesn’t make any sense why ZoS would create this grossly overpowered mechanic in the first place, let alone allow it to remain update after update when practically everything else is constantly nerfed to death in the name of better balance.

    I’d be interested to hear why anyone at ZoS thinks the hammer mechanic is acceptable....?
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  • Mr_Walker
    hesobad wrote: »
    linoge63 wrote: »
    Volen-Dung should be removed period even if they actually had functional servers...imo

    it really is a dumb idea.... Their logic fails. Volendrung won't combat ball groups, it makes them worse! how can anyone compete with a zerg ball group with volendrung as well as having garbage cyrodill performance. Stupid nonsense

    It's actually not a bad idea, it can shake up a stale map nicely, the real issue is, along with performance, that it doesn't have a hard timer applied to it, and can be up for hours.
  • J18696
    The hammer just helps the most zergy faction at the current time steamroll everyone to their gates
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  • TheFM
    This games lag comes from ballgroups mainly, I see less lag around the massive hammer zerg, than I do around ballgroups spamming aoes and purges 24/7.

    For example, on PCEU NOCP, we had a 30 v 30 fight at sej with reds a couple days back, no lag, was awesome, for a full 30 minutes. Then all the ball groups logged on, and the game just died.
  • The3sFinest
    Bumping this old thread because I still cannot do anything when Volendrung pops up. I am way across the map and my skills will not fire. Cyrodiil Pvp is what I like doing mostly, but I am at my end with this. On PS5 with performance mode even. :'(
  • React
    Yeah, volendrung is terrible for cyrodiil. Almost without fail, even on PC NA with upgraded servers, every time this thing spawns the game lags.

    This thing absolutely should be removed, or disabled until they finish the "code rewrite" which is supposed to fix performance.
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  • Surragard
    I did experience Cyrodil lag last night as soon as it went live even though I was in a different part of the map. I think it’s a fun mechanic that can help with a stale map as someone else commented but I agree that performance wise the servers don’t seem able to handle it.
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