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PVP - Do you track debuffs placed on you?

A part of me learning to PVP has been to track my own buffs. I do this with an addon called Srendar. I am curious to wether you guys track debuffs placed on you, in some other way than the standard icons in the GUI - which are very chaotic and dont give any real info that i can use at all. Im planning on setting up Srendar for the dot abilities that are killing me the most.

Im thinking that by doing it this way, i can more easily see when to dispell with my templar - or focus on defence with all my other chars. Is tracking debuffs in that manner something that people actually do?
  • max_only
    I track them but I’m dead before I can decipher them and do something about it. There’s just too many.

    I also use Srrendar. Mostly to track my own buffs so I’m not buffing too soon and wasting resources.

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  • BoraxFlux
    Most of the time I recognize an effect by the visuals of the skill where it belongs to. That is an advantage to have tried out different classes. Some proc sets too.

    Never used debuff-tracker, there is already too much going on in a battle imho. Though I can imagine it might help understand your battles better and counter-action might become swift and more instinctive in time.

    I do use Action Duration Reminder for the abilities to recast in time (Mutagen for example).

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  • fred4
    I use BuffTimers (very old addon) for short self-buffs.

    I limit ZOS' buff tracking icons to short self-debuffs ONLY. When I see them piling up, I know it's time to purge, cloak or LoS. Crude, but my eyes aren't good enough to do any better.
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  • validifyedneb18_ESO
    The combat was not designed for this, as such the UI and debuffs you get are damn hard to read. The only times I ever look are in specific fights where I know there is a killer ability. vMA arena 7 for example, vCR overload etc..
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