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Blue Screen on PS4

It is very frustrating to be in battle and have a blue screen error pop up and kick you from the game, it is even more frustrating to get the blue screen error message when you are at the crafting table, walking down a street, traveling to a new wayshrine or at the character select menu. then when you doo get on and try to travel the loading screen has the little circle spinning and it just stops spinning causing a full PS4 shut down and reboot to even get back in the game cause the short restart of the app says you are still in the game. It is NOT my system or internet, testing shows I am running 100mg download and 8-10mg upload, we are all seeing this in our guild as well as other red and yellow players, some of them freeze the entire battle and only a few can still walk around killing every frozen opponent that cant move because the game has them frozen. If the Development team doesn't know about this you folks are not following the game you created. It is causing many players to move to a different game when we are seeing two or three blue screens an hour then 40 plus que lines to get back into Cyrodiil. Really folks this basic game needs work to stabilize the system better than this. Now Elsweyr is a disaster when trying to travel inside those two areas it never fails to freeze screen after picking up bounties from the north and trying to go to to the south to pick up bounties there before starting the quests.
  • Crom_CCCXVI
    45min Q, played 20minutes... Blue Screen-- knocked out of Cyrodil

    Half my once 200 person guild, didn't want to leave but this blue screen stuff is horrid
  • ZOS_BillE
    As an update posted here, we are currently looking into this issue with blue screen crashes. Since there are multiple threads about Blue Screen crashes on the PS4 we will be closing this one. You can continue discussion and find troubleshooting in the thread linked below.

    Blue screens in trials
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