[Tip] Moving ESO from [SCSI/SATA] HDD to [SSD] HDD

Hi folks,

I've got my Steam Library on 1TB SATA drive [D:\] but wanted to move ESO to SSD drive [C:\] actually.
  1. Quit the game, close Launcher, exit Steam
  2. I've created the same pathway in [C:\]Steam Library\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online\
  3. Then moved [D:\]Steam\steamapps\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online\depot to under same path-line created on [C:\] drive.
  4. Also moved voice_en folder under the corresponding directory in [C:\]
  5. Then created Junction link from [C:\] to [D:\] under the same folder. Note that this isn't a traditional shortcut. It's a SymLink.
  6. Started Steam, started ESO and Game just worked very fine; I have never seen my FPS over 60 before, and now I'm rarely dropping under 80 FPS. It's usually 90-100.
  7. So game loads 80-90GB of data from SSD now. Also, loading screens got just better.

More info:

I just wanted to share my experience. Because Steam doesn't allow moving this game from [D:\] to [C:\] under in-Steam settings.
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