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What is your ESO dream house?

  • Vinterskald
    My biggest wish would still be a tiny Summerset cottage :( Bonus points if it comes with a greenhouse next to it!

    The next big wish would be an empty space similar to the hunting grounds, like what we see in March of Sacrifices - but not that orange-y part we have in Hunter's Glade, but the pretty bluish part with the luminescent flowers. :)

    And of course I can only agree to the idea of an Ayleid ruin, given how much I love the aesthetics the Ayleids had going on.
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  • TheRealPotoroo
    My dream house would be one where I could show off all my mounts and pets. It'll never happen, because ZOS won't hire anyone competent, and that's why I'll never spend another cent on housing.
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    Mine is Linchal Manor, now I just need to decorate it which I suck at lol. I love the courtyard the only thing Id like different would be a pond/lake rather than the pool and a slightly larger house or like a small guest house.
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  • Cloudtrader
    A cave system with delve-like narrow corridors leading down to a small pool of water with a thin waterfall breaking in through a ceiling and the light from outside shining into that room from a small opening at the top of the cave. Basically, a magical cave system where I can grow glowing flowers and mushrooms.
  • Sporvan
    An enormous bard theater with a backstage ramp, under stage trapdoors, props that you can move in and out. Hopefully with Bard College!
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