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Looking for Casual - PVE -Learning Guild that is active and stable (2019)

I played originally on PC then changed to Xbox one.

My main character I worked on the past week is level 34 Warden - stam-bow and dual weid in animal/healing.

Doing other builds as well.

I need a friendly, mature, helpful, and good guild to learn in for future dungeons. To help us get bettre gar sets, especially stam ones. Once level 0 and needign to work on CP I need guidance and groups to play with.

I am in my 40's and a long time MMO and rpg player. I also enjoy in character RPG when others do, including get together, and socializing.

Any decent sized active guilds willing to help, do PVE group things in craglorn, dungeons ect let me know.

Right now I am working through all the main quests in all ares on the Arwen character ending with elswer (i did elswer on a previous for that free house).

Gamertag: Spazzy
(please don't message me about selling my gamer tag, It is old since the original Xbox live Beta and has to many games linked to it).

Tell me about your guild or message me in game

  • BadSerpico
    Ebonheart Defenders is looking for any an all friendly team oriented players. We are friendly players have plenty of knowledgeable players that will help with Dps, tanking and healing plus teach mechanics . We also have regular DLC HM vet dungeon runs/Skin runs, VDSA, PvP in VIVEC and other events. We use the band App to communicate/organize plus Xbox Club that we post pics, vids and achievements etc . If you are interested reply here or msg GT Bad Serpico
  • SMG_Spytock
    Hey sorry, late to the party. Sinister Misfits Gaming could be a fit for you, 18+ guild with all kinds of people, join us on discord
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