Queen's Handmaidens & Shieldmaidens

Soul Shriven
The Queen's Handmaidens is an all women's guild on the NA server. We are a social, LGBTQI friendly guild with a full roster in game and 1000+ members on our Facebook page. We run weekly events like lorebooks hunts, skyshards, world bosses, teaching trials, and much more. We are comprised of master crafters, hard hitting deeps, kick ass tanks, and sympathetic healers. The Queen's Handmaidens are always happy to welcome any woman regardless of skill level or experience.
Please note that because of our high volume of members, we have created a sister guild called the Queen's Shieldmaidens. Same FB page, same events, same mods and admins. Also note that our members span the globe from across the US to Korea to the UK and to Oz, and our event coordinators can be found in various time zones to suit your needs! Join our sisterhood today! Please join the facebook group for a guild invite:
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