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Did I see a weird bug or cheating ?

Last night at a keep, one of the outer postern walls was taking damage on its own, as if it were poisoned. I was there the whole time, there was no sieges, but there were a group of 5 blues pottering around outside the wall waiting for it to fall. when it did, then they stormed the place. I slipped out and confirmed no sieges in the area and repaired the wall. What could cause this?
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  • Gilvoth
    did they have the Volendrung unique Two-Handed Dwarven warhammer?
    because that would surely do the same thing to keep walls as seige does.
    be assured, that i did read your response to my feedback comment(s), i always do. and unless i respond back to your comment directly, then i will always stand by my original feedback statement.
    and by the way:
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  • rosalith
    Voledrung was not there. Another thing I forgot to say was that the keep wasn't marked as 'under attack' either. Really weird stuff
    "The only way to change a slaver's mind is to drive a sword through it!" - Hiath the Battlemaster
  • Marcus684
    I saw this once at a DC fort. The wall nearest the resource west of the keep was losing health, and if I stood on top of that section of wall I would take damage, but there was absolutely none of the sound and visual effects associated with a wall being sieged. Eventually, the wall fell and a handful of enemy players stormed in, only to be quickly wiped by the DC that responded to my zone call out. I suspect that the enemy players were sieging from the top of the resource tower without flipping the resource, which may have interfered with the game rendering the siege effects due to the extreme distance.

    To answer your question, it’s definitely a bug, and cheating if they’re doing it knowing it’s bugged.
    Edited by Marcus684 on November 18, 2019 9:46PM
  • Mayrael
    As others mentioned it's a big that can be reproduced 100% of a time.
    I am doing my best, but I am not a native speaker, sorry.

    Mael Nightshadow - that's all you need to know.
  • VaranisArano
    Ackwalan wrote: »
    I've seen that before. There are a few keeps near hills where siege can be place far away. When the siege is far away it won't show up, yet the wall will just take damage.

    How odd.

    Whenever I've used the "siege from a resource" or from a distance tactic, we could always see our own weapons hitting the keep AND the keep always flagged at the correct HP.

    So the weapons hitting the wall properly render on our end, and the server is properly registering the attacks by flagging the keep. If defending players can't see incoming siege or the animation/effects of being under attack, we'd have no way of knowing.

    Still seems like something ZOS should check out to make sure defenders can actually see the incoming siege and its effects.
  • NBrookus
    Invisible siege happens sometimes, even at close distances. No ground queues, just damage, and sometimes it renders for some players but not others.

    Just like invisible negates and time stops.
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  • Mr_Walker
    Sounds a bit exploity to me.
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