Phalanx Gaming Legion WANTS YOU!!

Soul Shriven
Phalanx Gaming Legion is looking for you to join our ranks! Whether you are a day 1 player or an established Veteran, PGL wants you to be a part of something awesome. PGL is a Discord Gaming Community with 200+ members from all over the world, including a growing ESO Guild. We are primarily a Social/PvE/PvP/Trading Guild. Players at all skill levels are welcome.

All factions, skill sets and races are welcome.

Our beautifully furnished Guild Hall currently has the following:
Outfit Station
Crafting Stations
Combat Dummy Practice Area

We host weekly events ranging from Dungeon Runs, World Boss Events, Dolmens, SkyShard Farming, Shared Group Questing and Limited Time Event farming. Trials and additional PvP events are forthcoming as we grow our ranks.

Officer positions are available for those players looking to be the leader they always knew they could be!

PGL Discord membership is required when joining our guild. PGL supports all sorts of games as well as ESO. You will definitely find new friends and gaming interests if you are looking for them.

I look forward to meeting you as we build our Guild. If you wish to join our ranks, please respond here or DM (GoldenPoncho812#8722 on Discord) so we can send you an invite.

We are Legion!
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