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Cannot access Addons Settings ever since dragonhold

Hi there,

I can't access my addons settings since dragonhold, i thought i just had to wait for a patch or something but it's been 2 weeks and still nothing
Here's what i get :


Is there a way around this ?

  • UrbanMonk
    Same here, but only for some.

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  • Reyleigh
    Am i really the only with this issue ? :/
  • Baertram
    No you aren't.
    Some addons have bundled old libraries which break the stuff (bundeled libraries, again the problem!!!) so you need to:

    1. Update all libraries and addons you are using to the newest version! Always before login. I recommand Minion addon manager for this.
    2. Update LibAddonMenu to the newest version (it's providing these addons ettings panel for all the addons)
    3. Install Harven's AS to LAM adapter (HArvens Addon Settings is another apporach for addon settings and this patch is a compatibility fix to make both, HarvensAddonSettings and LibAddonMenu-2.0, work in combination. Currently there are errors which make the both break if using addons from Votan e.g.).

    This should help.
    I recommand using the esoui addon forums to search for such errors instead of only using these forums here:
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  • Reyleigh
    It worked !
    Thanks a lot !
  • EmEm_Oh
    Reyleigh wrote: »
    Am i really the only with this issue ? :/

    Nope. I discovered the same issue as well.
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