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Endless BG loading screen again

Fix havent worked obviously, same endless loading into BG as yesterday and days before. 5 loading screens and 1 success.
Just saying
  • TragedyOA
    Pet-sorc R.I.P 2019 Dragonhold
  • ketsparrowhawk
    I've been avoiding BG's for this reason, and due to the fact that Orc passives don't work in no CP right now. Problem is, due to faction lock, I'm only able to join the main Cyro campaign with one of my Orcs (I have 4). The other campaigns + IC are all totally dead.. So I basically don't have the option to PVP with half my characters. Major disappointment that Orc passives weren't fixed today.
  • SHANKS_63
    I am still having the same problem. I queue for a random battleground. Queue pops up to hit f to join, I hit join. Load screen for over 2 minutes, then booted back to Tamriel "cannot enter battleground".
  • Vigawatt
    hey, I got my first infinite loading screen on BGs! I feel like I'm part of the club now.
  • luen79rwb17_ESO
    Hmm lucky those who get back to Tamriel. My loading screens are just endless, have to reload the whole game again. Today's patch just made it worse. Yesterday I managed to get in a couple BGs, today, not even one.

    V16 sorc - V16 temp - V16 dk - V1 nb - V1 temp - V1 dk
  • MythikShadow
    I was able to do 2 BG's tonight and I've been in 3 load screens that eventually kick me back to zone telling me I cannot enter the BG. The queue times are so bad. I haven't gone into a BG successfully in an hour of trying.
  • ZOS_BillE
    We are closing this thread since there are multiple threads ongoing regarding this issue. As posted here, we are aware of some issues queuing for Battlegrounds, and are actively working on getting these fixed. You can continue discussion in the thread below.

    infinite loading screens - BGs.
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