Craglorn social trials team recruitment: Obsidian Guard

Normal trials too easy but not ready for veteran DLC trials? Looking for constructive feedback about how to improve your trial skills instead of being told to “git gud”? Tired of staying in zone chat hoping a decent group forms? Obsidian Guard’s trial team, Order of Obsidian, is the right team for you!
We are a team of experienced and newer players who want to progress through difficult content, without the drama and lack of flexibility found in some core trial teams or the inconsistencies of PUG groups. We are looking for mature, versatile players to help fill roles as we resume Friday night Craglorn trial progression after a short break (currently working toward vAA speed run with planned progression into vHRC shortly)

The only requirements are:

- Character level of CP300 and experience with trials (veteran experience not required)
- Willing to be a member of Obsidian Guard social guild and Discord
- Submission of a DPS parse (no minimum – we will help you get there!), or gear list for support characters that will be used in vet trials
- A positive attitude and willingness to learn

While not required, it would be great if you:

- Are willing to perform more than one role (rDPS/DD and healer, mDPS/DD and rDPS/DD, etc.)
- Access to all chapters/DLC (for gear runs)

We do not have a traditional application process: OG is a social guild first and a trials team second. In order to “try out”, we ask that you participate in a minimum of 2 social trials and participate in guild events and discord, after which officers and trial team members will determine your eligibility for trials team.
If you are interested, please post your GT and join the Obsidian Guard discord server at Information about Obsidian Guard can be found at and OG recruitment information by our Guild Leader, Randall Frost, at
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