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Which houses have you NOT bought and why?

Puts on my best Don Quixote adventuring outfit.

In my eternal hopelessly optimistic quest to get ZOS to not only listen but respond to player feedback and requests, I bring you the following topic. Please share which homes you have NOT bought and, exactly and in excruciating detail, WHY. Let's see if they can at least see some common threads running through this tapestry of dissatisfaction.
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  • Soella
    They have much better source of such information: statistics.
  • kylewwefan
    Long time ago, I bought the Topal Island. Saved up crowns and stuff. It was gonna be one of a kind collectors like place.

    Then I realized I really do t do housing.

    I have the free inn room at the rosy lion.

    And just recently accidentally Bought the inn room in Alinor. It was a traveling mistake. Thaught I was looking in menu to get out of the place. And Boom. Now I have an apartment room in Alinor.

    Thinking about buying the witches Coven place during this event. Just because, for the novelty.
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  • Ye_Olde_Crowe
    So far, I haven't bought...

    ...Mournoth Keep:
    Because I have both Hammerdeath and the Forsaken Stronghold, and Mournoth has nothing I don't have with those two (except the location).
    ...Mathiisen Manor:
    Because I'm not too fond of the Aldmeri architecture style outside of Summerset, and the smaller version is enough for me.
    I like the location, but I don't really like the layout of the bigger Khajiiti buildings outside of Elsweyr, and the yard is very ... boring IMO.
    ...Quondam Indorilia:
    Dunmer homes tend to depress me, and I already have the small and the huge versions.
    ...Stay Moist Mansion:
    Um... not too fond of Argonian architecture, either, at least outside of Murkmire. But this one is still on my to-get list ... I like the location and the yard.
    ...Old Mistveil Manor:
    I like its location, but I found the smaller version cuter. It's been like this with Gardner House as well, and I finally got around to buying that one. So this is not a hard pass - I'm just waiting for an occasion to get it, and I never seem to have enough spare crowns to buy it.
    ...Gorinir Estate:
    Uh. Ah. Erm, well... I find Bosmer treehouses extremely difficult to furnish, and I'm still challenged by the medium-sized version of this house. This would probably be the last home I'd get.
    ...Daggerfall Overlook:
    Personally, I find it a tad too big and too generic. On the other hand, it's still on my to-get list.
    ...Serenity Falls Estate:
    I love this house, way better yard than its smaller brother ... but whenever I had enough crowns to get this one, a new, fresh home appeared from out of nowhere, and I absolutely had to get *that* then. But I will hopefully get this one day.
    ...Jode's Embrace:
    Because it's currently not for sale.
    ...Potentate's Retreat:
    Because it's currently not for sale.
    The price is steep - which might not be a hindrance per se, but this home is too specific for my taste. And since I have no idea what to do with it, I give it a pass this time around. Should it ever become available again (and hopefully with a discount), I might give in to the temptation, provided I had the funds at the time.

    In short, I - as a habitual hunter & gatherer - would like to collect them all, but I already have all the houses I really like, so I tend to think twice when it comes to getting the rest. Or even shorter: Soon (TM).
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  • Araneae6537
    Well, I am relatively new, so the list of places I haven’t bought would be rather long yet! :lol:

    There are some places that I can’t see myself buying now because the building layout or style isn’t too my taste or inconsistencies between exterior and interior are too much for me. Sometimes my opinion on these can change, however, and I may overlook or try to “fix” things if I get an inspiration. :)

    The main barrier for me is the size:item limit ratio. A generous item limit greatly increases the appeal of a home. Conversely, if it is too large for me to furnish to my satisfaction I would likely not buy it even if it were exactly the same price as smaller notables. Pay more for space that I won’t be able to fully utilize? Hard pass.

    Tel Galen is currently the largest most expensive residence on my wish list, in part because it is one of the smaller notables and also because I have undying love for TES III (which above all else is what brought me to ESO). I want to also say that it is also at the upper limit of what I would consider paying for a home, but if ZOS were to not only up the item limit but add something more that I felt it was worth it... I don’t even know what that would be but I would enjoy the pleasure of finding out. B)
  • Zypheran
    To be honest, I own very few homes.
    My primary reason is the cost. The older homes that they used to release for gold all had major layout flaws (in my view) that deterred me from buying them. The newer homes are almost all crown only and I simply will not be buying multiple homes at €70-100 each - its just a ridiculous price to charge for a house. That's not a micro transaction!
    So for me the biggest barrier is cost. If they allowed me to completely decorate a 700 item house with any items of my choosing, I might consider spending what amounts to two 3A games or two Chapters. But for a house with a few scattered tables and chairs that I then have to turn around and spend millions of gold and months grinding to finish off... no way.. no deal for me I'm afraid!
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  • Hallothiel
    Whilst I am in the process of admitting that I might have a slight problem with buying houses, I do manage some self control. Occasionally.

    Have bought a few of the larger homes, but prefer things light & sunny, such as dawnlight palace, the grotto, the psijic villa & the meadow & the xanmeer.

    Like ones with an outside area, and somewhere where can actually access odd bits of the house, such as the roof, such as my 1st place, Hundings.

    Have quite a few of different sizes, and enjoy decorating, but my favourites are Mornhoth, Moonsugar & my base, Sleek Creek.

    Not keen on most of the big houses in the game, particularly the more special ones such as Frostvault, Pariahs, or the one in Clockwork City. Though might see if can save up for Serenity Falls.

    The only purchase I regret slightly is Sanctuary, as I just cant seem to be able to get it how I want 😕

    PS4 / EU

    It’s all utterly ridiculous.
  • dagrdagaz_5912
    Lets see.

    Not bought, all Large and Notable homes.

    - Notables are to large and expensive to me .
    - The few Large houses that i did like had 'construction errors' i could not unsee/ignore.
    Those Large houses being Mathiisen Manor, Alinor Crest Townhouse, Gardner House and Strident Springs Demesne.

    Not bought, most Medium and 4 Small houses.
    - Khajiit and Wood Elf Small house to ugly imo.
    Kragenhome and Hammerdeath, very obvious 'construction error'

    - Medium homes i did not get were either to ugly imo or had (to many) 'construction errors' i could not unsee/ignore.
    Atm I have Velothi Reveri, Cliffshade, Ravenhurst and Grymhart's Woe, the other Medium homes i have not thus.
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  • LukosCreyden
    Any of the 14,000 crown ones. Far too expensive. I have better and more interesting things to spend thay money on.

    Fortunately for me, the spoopy necro house doesn't have a garden area. Any houses lacking a garden area are an instant nope from me, so I will not be missing out on that one.

    I have my coldharbor home. I do not see myself buying another house any time soon.
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  • idk
    I have not bought most properties because I choose to not waste my real world money or even in game gold.
    Really, idk
  • ghastley
    The ones I considered but didn't get include:

    Hammerdeath - needs an exterior space.
    Cliffshade - the same
    All Argonian mud homes, because they're TOO primitive.
    The Bosmer pods larger than Snugpod, which is the right size for that kind of home. A larger one should be a tree, not a pod collection.
    Several homes in cities that didn't offer much past the Inn rooms. The Gardner House is close to Rolis Hlaalu, so that was an exception.
  • ChunkyCat
    Haven’t bought any houses. Not my style.
  • DuckInRealLife
    Houses I wish to buy:
    Potentae's Retreat

    Houses I've had a chance to buy but have not:
    Elinhir (it's meh)
    Frostvault (oddly shaped kinda a bit annoying with all the dwemer stuff, if it was a "chasm" with just rock, totally)
    Psijic Villa (it's kinda eh, also a bit of the slap in the face that people got it for free before)
    Wraithhome (WAY too big, can't effectively block off areas that I wish not to use without using 200 plugs.)
    Topal hideaway (Like the idea, too beachy for me)

    Places I can buy but will not:
    - Orcish homes (corridors and walls oddly put together, strange spaces, hate the stair cases)
    - Ald Velothi Home ( I want this but the stair placement to the basement is terrible.)
    - Amaya Lake lodge (the double story is weird but it's nice and big)
    - Velothi Reveri (I want this one but the furnishing size is too small.)
    - Alinor Homes (too fancy, kind of stuck using alinor furnishing)

    Houses I have:
    - Pariah's Pinnacle (Loved it when I put the ticker in for it, now it is just too big and awkward in the main room, has too much space and the weird hexagonal raised places are annoying and cant do anything, spent too much on dais's)
    - St. Delyn Penthouse (yet to decorate)

    Houses I've helped decorate:
    - Linchal (the garden work my bf and I did was amazing, House isn't that "grand")

    Favourite House:
    Hall of the Lunar Champion, fantastic customisation with the tablets, lots of usable platforms that suit the style of the place, hidden storage for tables you don't use (which is the 2nd and 3rd for me cause why a house and dungeons too stronk)

    Suggestions: make more matching wood, stone and more stair options for all different housing styles. Because DAMN it makes a difference to how I feel about purchasing crowns, houses and crown furnishings, like put myself into debt levels of furnishing.

    Make houses more easy to block off and/or more customisation like Lunar Champion.

    Make a furnishing bank for eso plus so I don't literally have to make a furniture dump site.
  • katanagirl1
    I have not bought a lot of houses because I am just getting started.

    I do avoid the houses in the Aldmeri Dominion though, even though my main character is Khajiit. All of the houses in that area are so much smaller than the DC or EP choices.

    Wood elf houses are terribly unappealing. High elf houses are a nice design, but little space. Khajiit houses are lovely, but even the largest has only a few small rooms.

    All houses need bigger windows to let in more light.
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  • WillhelmBlack
    All of them.

    They are pointless.

    If one came with armour displays/mannequins for storage I would buy it though. That would separate it from the 2 amazing ones I got for free with the expansions.
    PC EU
  • Zacuel
    The ones that cost crowns... Because I'm not going to pay cash for a house.
  • The Uninvited
    The Uninvited
    Wraithhome. Because of the performance issues of last week.
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  • Kittytravel
    Wraithhome, Daggerfall Overlook, Earthtear Cavern, Ebonheart Chateu, Colossal Aldmeri, Hakkvild's High Hall, Serenity Falls Estate, Observatory Prior, Princely Dawnlight, I'm sure you see where this is going.
    All these houses are just too big to decorate properly imo with the slot limit. They don't have very good ceilings or walkways for using "large" furniture to fill in space or the space that needs filled in is just too high up. (Wraithhome and Earthtear are really good examples of this.) If I'm spending 100$ or so for a house I want to at least have the ability to really make it feel full and lavish which is a pretty big detriment when it comes to most of the crown pricing as a whole in regards to both houses and crown store only furnishings.

    Haven't bought any wood elf or argonian because I mostly just think their relatively ugly little things but I know that's 100% personal preference and not any fault of ZOS's.

    Won't buy most crown-only homes because for their price of just selling the crowns I can get 2-3 other houses of the same size for gold. (Exception is the estates but I outlined my issues of that above.)

    For the most part I wish they'd adjust their crown prices to at least be inline with the current going rate even if it's something that will change in the future. It'd sure make more sense instead of seeing Barbed Hook Private Room cost 600 crowns when that's worth 120k in gold on average atm. It is a practice they have condoned even if they won't enforce it so I don't see why they shouldn't at least acknowledge it in their store.

    (Yeah yeah I know housing isn't giftable blah blah. Still doesn't change that SOME are available for gold even if they want to provide a 15-25% markup on crown-exclusive homes. That'd still make the average crown exclusive cheaper than it is right now if they balanced Crown to Gold cost on older homes.)
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  • Reverb
    I have not bought any of the crown exclusive homes, nor 90% of the others. Because decorating isn’t how I like to spend my time.
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  • ulrik.igerupb16_ESO
    I have not bought all of them except the one on Kenarthis Roost (for ingame gold, no less).
    With three Grand Psijic Villas (got those for free like everyone else) there's really no need for me
    to own any more real estate in ESO. Also, the continous discrepancy between the exteriors and the interiors
    makes me not want any more in game real estate.
  • pdblake
    I have not bought any of them. So the answer to your question is all of them.

    I do have all the ones you can get for free though, and use exactly 1 of them to keep a storage chest in and dump furnishings that I may or may not get into at some point.
  • anadandy
    I haven't bought several - but the one I would buy is Twin Arches.

    Why have I not purchased it? Because of the stupid low skybox that makes the roof unusable. Redguard architecture is known for utilizing the roof as living space - there are examples of it all over the game. Yet Twin Arches has the invisible low ceiling preventing you from doing that. If they removed that I'd buy that house in a heartbeat.

    Edit: Oh and I did not buy the Snow Globe - because it was crowns only. That should have been an event reward like the Glenumbra hut - crown OR gold w/ Achievo.
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  • theskymoves
    Daggerfall Overlook... I don't need another house in Daggerfall city, and close to 4 million gold is way too much out of pocket for that sexy 'Lady' title.
  • kargen27
    UrbanMonk wrote: »
    All homes accessible via Crown Store only...because Not Gonna Pay for a House that's worth more RL money than the game.

    I have two crown exclusive homes I bought with crowns I get from subbing. If they ever allow homes to be gifted I think I have enough gold to get a few more. I have most the homes that can be bought with gold. Stupid thing is I have only decorated three of them. Any time I feel like decorating instead of starting a new home I go tweak one I've already done.
  • Alinhbo_Tyaka

    I'm going to generalize because it covers more territory. I haven't purchased and won't purchase any house that is Crown Store only. I just can't justify the real dollar costs for some pixels on a screen when there are adequate houses available for gold. I also don't by the large houses as I just can't see how to decorate them fully with the ridiculous 700 item limit. As an example I use the Grand Psijic Villa as nothing more than a storage facility since 700 won't fill the inside let alone the outside. I've tended to stick to the 400 item houses as they can generally be decorated to look complete although another 100 slots wouldn't hurt.
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