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Roleplaying and Character Titles

As a roleplayer, I value how much titles i can get in this game, because they give a feeling that my character belong to this world.
I know many RPers who feel the same way as I do.

I wonder how much difficult is to implement new titles for our characters.

Many NPC have general titles that we could also use it, not everyone but just a few ones.
One of main sources about this is UESP page:

Some titles would be a valuable QoL improvement, at least a minor attention for our community.
To simplfy this, devs could just bring some of these already present titles, for example:
-Altmer Officer
-Homeless Citizen
-Priest of Veloth
-Pact Honor Guard

Would be possible to do it? How much "Titles" are important to your RP?

English isn't may native language xD
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  • Cygemai_Hlervu
    Hey, Gepe! You can already become an Altmer officer - just be an Altmer and apply one of those Alliance War titles (ranks). It's simple ;). You can become an Ordinator, though there's no title available. Here's my guide to join the Ordinators if you need some help. Priest of Veloth.. Well, Veloth is not a god, he's only the Prophet. Prophets do not have personal priests. I guess the game gives the opporunity to play any lore-based role you wish one way or another. Not all roles are followed by specific titles.

    Sometimes it is enough to be named a Hand of Dres by the House' Grandmaster himself to clear all the doubts of being affiliated with that faction. Sometimes it is not enough to bear a certain title of an Ashlander Clanfriend to become a fully legit member of the tribe..
  • Konstant_Tel_Necris
    Try Custom Titles addon library and just edit LibCustomTitles.lua and add your @ID and desired title, it will be visible for you and friends if you share your LibCustomTitles.lua with them.
    Edited by Konstant_Tel_Necris on November 8, 2019 10:11PM
  • TheShadowScout
    gepe87 wrote: »
    As a roleplayer, I value how much titles i can get in this game, because they give a feeling that my character belong to this world.
    I spent a lot of time for my mains "Explorer" title (Leska does cite that as her profession is someone asks... after all, her true job is not to be mentioned outside the brotherhood, yes?), or for my second mains "Librarian" title (Yeah, so Kelas is a total bookworm, only adventuring under protest because he has bills to pay, and would much rather hide in a library somewhere!)

    Wish I could get some "crusader" or "paladin" title for Kes as well... maybe someday, huh?

    But a lot of those mentioned would be fun to be in the game... just give out some extra titles to various regional completions, give people more incentive to play through cadwells and all that!
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