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Lighting Help- Psijic Villa

I have decided to use my Psijic Villa as my achievement home. Part of that is displaying all of the undaunted busts and trophies in the main hall (trophies hanging on the wall, busts on pedestals/ledges right beneath them)

My problem is the lighting. I am having trouble finding lighting furnishings that don't leave the busts and trophies with huge amounts of shadowing.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks so much! :)
  • Aelorin
    I am not really sure what you want, but overall it is effective to place a lighting source in the trophy. For example a simple candle. If you need more inspiration and are on EU, visit my villa.
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  • Delphinia
    I feel like the best lighting (well, that cast the most light) are: Culanda Stone, Glowing and Varla Stone, Glowing. Depending on how much light you want, or hue these might be a good choice. I have found though at times, they emit almost too much light and I have to really sink them into furnishings or flooring to reduce the glare.
  • Minyassa
    I like the light the dwarven lighting furnishings give. Nice and bright without being overly tinted one shade or another, good light area, not glaring.
  • sueblue
    Clockwork Illuminator, Solitary Capsule is my favorite bright light in the game. It gives off a soft white/warm light.

    Daedric Brazier, Table is a great choice for a firey light source since it's the only brazier that doesn't cause that glaring fuzz.

    Hope this helps!
    Edited by sueblue on October 9, 2019 11:07PM
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  • katanagirl1
    I initially used Daedric Chandelier, Ritual in the large central room because they are supposed to give off a lot of light. I put 2 of the long thin Clockwork surplus pieces (Scavenged Support, Straight) together as downrods from the roof so the chandelier was about the height of the upper level balcony. Unfortunately, most of the light from the Daedric chandelier is directed upward to the ceiling and doesn’t illuminate much of the lower part of the room.

    I don’t like lights hanging mysteriously in air unsupported. The alignment of those 3 pieces took me about an hour in the housing editor without a snap-to function. At least I can link them now.

    Placing sconces along the columns on the lower level and on both sides helps too.
  • dtsharples
    Maybe you could make something interesting with the lighting, so that it's not only functional but pretty to look at too.

    Themed lighting, like Golden Redguard Chandeliers above, Candlesticks at the bases & Canister Lanterns on the Walls.
    Possibly even add in some Redguard Censers for some smoky atmosphere too.

    Or maybe floating magical candles, like in Hogwarts.

  • Pink_E_808
    Replica dreamshards. I put that $#!+ in everything 😄
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