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XB1/NA - DK tank LF vDSA

Title. Looking for a group to get a bow. Prefer "no-cheese" method.

GT: Soviet Messiah
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Xbox NA: Soviet Messiah
EP: Cortimi - Imperial StamDK
EP: Melga - Orc StamDen (Dah Bear)
EP: Narileya - Nord StamPlar (Mad cuz Bad)
EP: Corvaera - Bosmer Orc StamSorc (RIP)

PS4 NA (Retired at CP835): Soviet-Messiah:
EP: Cortimi - Imperial StamDK
DC: Melga gra-Antilae - StamDen
AD: Corvaera - Bosmer StamSorc
Urvoth wrote: »
CP is a crutch for people who can’t sustain and want to be "tanky" so they aren’t immediately punished for making mistakes.
  • msalvia
    Good luck. I almost always tank vDSA, and if you're pugging there's a pretty good chance you'll get weak dps who don't know the mechs. At least now that there are PvE viable weapons in there, it's not all 4k pvp dps trying to run it like before scalebreaker.

    And btw, you may not want to struggle to get the Master's Bow, sounds like it's gonna be pretty bad after the patch...

    That said, if you're on PC, I'd tag along and dps it with you, assuming you know the tank role.
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