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Top 3 essential add-ons as of 9-29-2019

Hi all,

I use the add-ons to show me lore books and skyshard locations, so please don't include those 2 in your list. But please tell me what 3 add-ons you consider essential (your top-3) and why.
Add-ons and whether they work or not change over time, so I'm asking this (even if it's been discussed before) because things change. Thanks in advance.
  • Most_Awesome
    1) Bugcatcher = It gets rid of all the black box errors, I was used to clicking 5 or so boxes every time I logged in until it got so bad I looked this add-don up and would never not use it again.

    2) Inventory Insight = With 15 characters this add-don lets me know how much gold/AP and what gear etc is on each character and whats in my bank, would never not use this again also.

    3) Srendarr/Bufftimers = I don't like the default buff timer box's and without these I probably just wouldn't play the game.

    4) Bonus add-on Vampires woe = gets rid of the feed action pop up for vampires, so you don't end up feeding on someone instead of using the blade of woe to their face >:)
  • malistorr
    Cool anyone else have any input?
  • msalvia
    1. Lazy Writ Crafter--cuz I'm too lazy to do dailies and master writs manually
    2. Inventory Insight--cuz my alt-addiction and tendency to hoard stuff would be unsustainable without it.
    3. Combat Metrics--cuz I like to know how bad I suck on a given day.

    Srendar is great too, but I really only use it in hard content and while dummy humping
    Raid Notifier is also essential for vet trials and vet-DLCs
  • theskymoves
    1. CraftStore
    2. No Accidental Stealing
    3. Inventory Grid View

    Though if I were in a different mood on another day, I could just as easily say Inventory Insight, Essential Housing Tools, and Assist Rapid Riding. Or FCO Item Saver (for locking stuff that can't normally be locked :-/).
  • malistorr
    Thanks for answering. Maybe I'll look into some of these that I'm not using.
  • anitajoneb17_ESO
    - Advanced filters
    - Awesome Guild Store
    - Craftstore

    But there are so many addons that have become necessary to me that its hard to choose only 3.

    I could have mentioned
    - Beam Me Up
    - Master Merchant
    - Votan's Minimap
    - Dressing Room

    as well. And many others.
  • Danikat
    For me it would have to be:

    1) Mini Map. I like Fyrakin's, but there's others which work too. I have no sense of direction so I really struggle without a mini map, even using custom markers on the compass it's really easy for me to get turned around and end up going in the wrong direction.

    2) Advanced Filters. It adds sub-categories and other options to your inventory and bank which make it far easier to find what you're looking for.

    3) Azurah. This one does loads of stuff but the important ones for me are that it lets me move and resize the default UI, and colour names based on the reaction to you - enemies are red, players are blue, friendly NPCs are green and non-agressive but killable NPCs are yellow.

    (Since Advanced Filters has come up a lot already I'm also going to include a 4th - Binder - which saves and loads sets of keybindings using chat codes. So if I start a new character all I do is type /binder load Main and I've got all my normal key bindings, and if I want to change them I can experiment then instantly go back to what I had, or easily copy the change to all my characters.)
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  • weg0
    Yeah, can't stress enough how well inventory insight works. Here are three others that are great:

    1. Votan's mini-map (my vote for smoothest, easiest to use mini-map)
    2. Map Pins (puts pins on map for almost anywhere you want to go AND has decent mini-map if you don't want Votan's)
    2a. Lost treasure (works great for crafting survey and all the treasure maps)
    3. Auto Recharge (just keep soul gyms and repair kits in inventory and your gear is always fighting ready)

    Honorable mentions:
    - Tamriel Trade Center
    - Action Duration Reminder
    - Harven's Improved Skill Window
    - Assist Rapid Riding (a must for Cyrodiil)

  • redspecter23
    Minimap - absolutely should be a base game option

    Lazy Writ Crafter

    Bandit UI (many other UI addons are also good)
  • Tai-Chi

    Besides Lore Books & SkyShards
    • Arkadius' Trade Tools - Very simple to use and very functional.
    • Destinations - Useful map that can be customised to show as much or as little as you like.
    • Voltan's Fisherman & Rare Fish Tracker - No potential Master Angler should be without these.
    PC - EU (Main) & PC - NA
  • malistorr
    Thanks guys (and gals?)
  • ErinM31
    Definitely Lazy Writ Crafter!

    And if you’re into housing at all, either to decorate your own or tour others’ creations, Essential Housing Tools is a must!

    Those two and the Lore Books add-one are the only ones I’ve used thus far but I will probably add Combat Metrics at some point.
  • ChunkyCat
    Assist Rapid Riding
  • Qbiken
    1) LUI Extended: Because vanilla UI looks garbage
    2) Inventory insight: Because keeping track of gear for all my characters would be a pain otherwise
    3) Raid notifier/Code´s combat alerts: Because I can and console can´t :)

    Honerable mention:
    * Loot log; So you can see what loot other people drop while doing trials/dungeons. Will save alot of time when farming for specific gear
    Edited by Qbiken on October 10, 2019 7:15AM
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  • Aelthwyn
    It's so hard to narrow down! There are so many it's hard to function without, many of which have already been mentioned

    - Advanced Filters. Inventory is a nightmare without that.

    - No Accidental Stealing. It's so nice to not deal with accidentally stealing something while just trying to talk to a merchant

    - Wykkid tool bar - I love easily seeing my inventory space, level progress, research, horse training, soul gems, etc.

    - Assist Rapid Riding - so you're not constantly wading through molasses, nor forgetting to switch your skills back before getting into combat

    - Dugolbons Lazy Writ Crafter - if you do writs it saves SO much time. Also Daily Alchemy and Daily Provisioning

    - Awesome Guild Store - they have definitely improved the guild store, but this still adds very helpful filtering options

    - Bank Manager Revived - particularly useful if you don't have the craft bag, bank stops are much faster

    - Inventory Insight - see what your other characters have without logging out and back in

    - Lost Treasure - helps with locating crafting surveys, makes it much faster for me

    - Faster Travel - save favorite wayshrines so you don't have to click the zone and then the shrine

    - Smartlooter - autoloot only things that won't take up an additional space, then select from other items yourself

    - Destinations - personally I like this for finding delve bosses. Public Dungeon Champions is also useful

    - Harven's Potions Alert - makes it easy to reapply as soon as the cool down is over

    - Potion Maker - select traits and it tells you ingredient options
    Edited by Aelthwyn on October 11, 2019 6:16PM
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