How to find out if you complete the quests in a zone.

So I'm doing Elswyr. I have finished the story line. I'm also not seeing a lot of quests sitting around. Even those NPCs who keep tailing about the months in two moon temple are crazy and how there is a necromancer trying to stop undead in Ashen Scar don't seem to be talking anymore.

My friend told me there is a place where you can look to see how far along you are in completing the zone?
  • mague
    When you open the map there is a zone guide. And you an lock into the achievements of the zone.
  • Doctor_David
  • Essavias
    Zone guide doesn't show ALL quests for the zone. For instance, I got the achieve for Glenumbra quite a way before actually finishing the map.

  • Dusk_Coven
    Zone guide has a quest list only for the key zone / alliance quests. The side quests can be harder to find. I recommend UESP website. Open the page for the zone and scroll down till you see the quests lists. It's generally safe to assume they have all sidequests discovered.
  • Doctor_David
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