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Suthays grave temple pyramid at moonsugar meadow


Today, my dear Nuzhimeh and me made a trip to the moonsugar meadow.

The kajiit bishop Nimble Suthay is buried there. You might know him from the statuettes in your gallery ;)

As a bishop, he was buried in a big temple, those ones have chosen to build a pyramid between the entrance and the great waterfall.

Nuzhime refused to enter the pyramid, as the journey was long and we arrived at night.
I hope, you can get an impression despite the darkness.
Update: this one now replaced some pictures with those made at daytime.

This one had a closer look, it seems the pyramid was made of large blocks, at the base three and a half blocks wide.
You can climb up stairs and ramps, so you can look down to the waterfall, and on the rest of the temple complex.

why a grave?
To be honest, I was clueless how to decorate inside. Had a sarcophagus, and looking through the gallery, I found the bishop, so this looked like a convincing little story ;)
Also a full decoration would require many slots, as it has approximately the size of the hall of the lunar champion. I need to keep free slots for more details outside, though.

Why a pyramid?
I visited Cairo, Gizeh, and was impressed. Like to build large ancient structures

Is it finished?
479/700 slots used, so no.
I even might reconstruct a higher version of the pyramid, but must earn more money for more blocks, first.
So it will stay longer than my first 1 day test.

Can I visit?
xbox EU, "Mark in Germany"
Send a friend request to access my primary residence, message me if you want a tour :)

Arrival, Nuzhimeh in front for size comparison:








the grave:

at day:


at night:


view from top, temple complex:


view from top, the "lake":


view from top, the waterfall:


Edited by markulrich1966 on September 21, 2019 8:13PM
  • markulrich1966
    this one now replaced the nighttime pictures with those made at daytime.
  • mrsrobot
    Looks fantastic.
  • BahometZ
    Love it!
    Pact Magplar - Max CP (NA XB)
  • GenjiraX
    You did it! Looks wonderful. I’ll have to come and have a look. A temple complex is on my list of things to do, having been up to the Ness of Brodgar a couple of times.
    Edited by GenjiraX on September 16, 2019 5:35AM
  • Delphinia
    Truly impressive work @markulrich1966 . 😊
  • SantieClaws
    Community Ambassador
    This bishop must have been a great and wealthy khajiit in life yes. To be so imposing in his rest.

    Much credit to the builder too yes.

    Yours with paws
    Santie Claws
    Clan Claws - now recruiting khajiit and like minded others for parties, fishing and other khajiit stuff. Contact this one for an invite.

    The Santie Claws College of Pocket Engineering - Tange, tange, transfige!

    PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say No to Crown Crates! - this week our stall is in Daggerfall - for all your shopping needs yes!
  • GenjiraX
    I visited this evening and it’s extra special; it really develops the ambiance of the place. The ‘underground’ lake was especially surprising. Very well done. It’s hugely impressive.
  • markulrich1966
    this one went to see the bishops grave again, but it is gone! Yeeees, simply gone!

    A strange gate appeared instead, and this one does not know what to think of it. He looked for clues, but just found a jacket with the sign "SG9" on it, this one is very confused...

  • markulrich1966
    added a 9 minute video of the whole compound to the first message (was made before I added the Stargate).

    The high jump into the water usually lets you sink completely into the water, this effect is deactivated in screenshot mode unfortunately. Very funny experience.
    Edited by markulrich1966 on September 21, 2019 8:16PM
  • markulrich1966
    I started with a larger pyramid, still a lot to do. Placing the blocks correctly is exhausting on xbox without any addons.

    Preview (the old one is in the background for size comparison):




    Edited by markulrich1966 on October 9, 2019 8:54AM
  • Delphinia
    hi @markulrich1966 ! I commented before, but I have to tell you again how impressive this is! Magnificent and inspiring!
    That must have taken so much time and planning, especially without the ability to use any addons! Hats off to you! 💛
  • markulrich1966
    Delphinia wrote: »
    hi @markulrich1966 ! I commented before, but I have to tell you again how impressive this is! Magnificent and inspiring!
    That must have taken so much time and planning, especially without the ability to use any addons! Hats off to you! 💛

    thank you :)

    I actually don't really plan.
    When I look through descriptions of new furniture (like the bridge), I visualize a situation where it *might* fit.

    I saw the bridge initially in earth tear cavern.
    Once I have obtained such a new part, I just start playing around with it. Place it here, there, until it finaly fits. Then add parts.

    The first pyramid was placed above the shrine lions, temporarily just to get an idea how to place such big blocks.
    Once I had a visual impression, it was easier to find the final location just beside the entrance, on the river.

    The new, big one leaves me no choice than where it is actally located, it covers 1/4 to 1/3 of the whole compound.

    Most preparation was getting blocks. I bought approx 20 in guildstores, 17k each.
    For the small pyramid.
    I realized that I could not finance a large one like this, so I contacted a seller. Delivered the mats + a fixed sum (some 100k) for 60 blocks. Still a lot of gold, but much less than buying single blocks.

    I then realized, that I can staple them slightly different, this will allow me to build it higher. I will need maybe 50 more blocks for this. So I will contact my seller again. Meanwhile I add a few blocks now and then to the structure.

    I have no pressure to finish it quickly, am busy with work (reallive) and dailies, so it might take a whole month or so until the walls will be finished.
    Then I need to clean up my former design, remove parts to gain free slots again to place something nice inside. Don't yet know what.

    I am glad though that it takes long, it is the best part. Once I finished hundings palatial hall, I rarely visited afterwards.
    Similar with the psijic villa, except that I go there more often in order to pray in the villa, that serves as a memorial mausoleum (grave) for my fiancee. She was buried on another continent when she lost her battle with cancer, and the virtual grave is a place that allows me to have a kind of replacement for the real grave 5000 km away when I just want to sit and talk to her.

    Edited by markulrich1966 on October 11, 2019 12:43AM
  • G1Countdown
    Your home is definitely a destination to visit! Sad that I'm on PC/NA and not able to experience it! Love that you added a stargate! I added one to my primary home too!
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