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Serious bug in security system.

Soul Shriven
My own and my guild mate account was hacked!

Hacker changed my Email, country and a secret question without any confirmation from my email. He was able to do it in a matter of minutes.
Again, I have not received any code on my email account! This is a serious security issue and I am not sure that I own my account.

Ii was attack on a guild and first victim was our GM @ivan999_9.
Scammer logged in and took gold from a guild bank. We thought it was a guild bank bug and started a ticket 190912-001730 that is ignored for more than 2 weeks.
Next time scammer took all gold from all @ivan999_9 characters, we updated the ticket but do not have any response. Last attempt was during out guild raid hacker logged in and Ivan was kicked off but was able to get back from STEAM account! To save our guild form disband or robbery he put GM crown on me @Ja'zzargo and we started to wait for his next step.

His next step was to hack my account as a new GM and he was able to do it in a matter of 5 min or something. My email, secret question, country and password was changed without any confirmation! He logged in and took last valuables from a guild bank then changed my and my friends account email to previous, so we were able to reset our passwords.

I am feeling truly unhappy knowing someone could so easy log into my any other person account! Moreover, it feels unsecure!

Recently we were able to build a GH on a @ivan999_9 account. It was super expensive and we put a great value in this account!
My account @Ja'zzargo have many crown items and 30k achievements point on a main char.
We do not even ask to recover our lost, but to make our accounts save and not to permaban them.


Ticket are ignored for more than two weeks, and are we risking to get permaban from ZOS after we were robbed by the hacker? Should we say bb to our new guildhall?
Iv seen people banned after they were hacked.



Haven’t got any response.
So can I delete base ZOS version of the game and buy steam instead, looks like it will be much safer.

And please don’t ban our account for being hacked by some criminal! It will be unfair!
  • DrFuzzyFish
    Damn that sucks hope it gets sorted out sooner rather than later, also i'm sure you've done this but in case you haven't, it might be a good idea to change your passwords on any linked accounts you have ie. Twitch, ect especially if you use the same password.
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  • ivan999_9
    Soul Shriven
    Hello, my name is Ivan999_9

    My account was hacked first, scammer took all gold from guild bank and my characters.
    But the main thing we are worried about is a guild hall with all mundus stones and all crafting stations. Our guild spend a lot of gold and resources to build it! and now we risk to get it deconstructed or get permaban from ZOS.

    It is a great security bug if someone can change country email password without notification and confirmation from me!

    And we can’t get comments from ZOS !!!
    They keep ignoring us for more then 3 weeks.
  • ZOS_BillE
    @Jazzargo and @ivan999_9

    I've sent each of you updates regarding the support tickets you've submitted.
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  • Jazzargo
    Soul Shriven
    In update you just asked us to wait more, more than what? More than a month?
    Is there any deadline or our waiting has no limits?

    And what your rules say about this situation? I’ve seen topics where people were hacked then ban)
    Sounds unfair to me!
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