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Plague slinger and necromancer <3

In my opinion this set and potentially some other sets I have overlooked would have a nice synergy if the actual corpse was something necromancer skills could interact with.
After all it spawns a "corpse" O.o!
What do you think?
  • Finedaible
    See, now this is the kind of depth I would like to have in the game. Interactions between class skills and sets are virtually non-existent. If we had more sets that could alter a way we play a class or skill line, this game would have far more diversity other than "how much weapon/spell damage do I get from this set?" That question is literally what any build boils down to when deciding on what to use, and of course the sets which give you the most potential amplifications will be the only relevant ones.

    When they announced Necromancer class and skills, I fully expected Templars to be able to use Repentance on Necro-generated corpses, which would have led to some interesting synergy between classes, but no devs had to kill any depth and fun there.
  • Finedaible
    and to add to above, Werewolves should be able to eat Necro corpses.
  • Bullseyebudx
    I'm hoping to see this too, there are several set effects that create interactable objects which don't currently generate corpses.

    Monster Sets:
    Engine Guardian
    Maw of the Infernal
    Sentinel of Rkugamz

    Coldharbour's Favorite
    Mad Tinkerer
    Icy Conjuror
    Hven of Ursus
    Scavenging Demise
    Unfathomable Darkness
    The above mentioned Plague Slinger

    Not Sure Sets? (Says Summon but might not make sense that it creates a corpse):
    Flame Blossom
    Frozen Watcher
    Lord Warden
    Hagraven's Garden
    Trinimac's Valor

    Sorc Pets should create corpses, can't remember if that was changed.

    Werewolf Pets should also create corpses.
    Leave our corpses alone!

    You might notice that several of these sets don't currently see an enormous amount of game play.
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  • Bullseyebudx
    Sorry requoted instead of editing
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  • Oakmontowls_ESO
    They have specifically patched out the ability for these sets to leave corpses. Some of those used to be able to be repentanced but have since been changed.
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