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[BUG] Mount sprint is broken... again!

While testing stuff on the PTS today, I've noticed that the recent Live bug with mount sprint not functioning correctly has once again reared its ugly head.

As per the Live 5.1.6 patch notes:
The Elder Scrolls Online v5.1.6 fixes the issue where you would stop sprinting on your mount when out of stamina (...)

Well, this is exactly what's happening now (again).
When your mount runs out of stamina, it stops sprinting after the next "stamina drain tick".

Is this an unintended bug, or it it yet another idiotic ANTI-QoL change that NO ONE was asking for (such as the recent Rapids major expedition nerf)?
  • UnseenCat
    This behavior was declared a bug when the last patch went live. Please don't do an about-face and declare it to be "desired" behavior.

    Every single person in my guild who was starting new characters and alts was dismayed and unhappy with their now extremely slow mounts -- so slow with that "sprint" was generally though of as useless on them. Every. Single. Person. with low-level characters.

    No one wants this kind of mechanic. The current system of sprint as fast as you can for your riding skill level for as long as you can until an enemy knocks you off is how a huge portion of the ESO player base understands it to work. If it changes to being limited by the riding stamina stat, it will confuse and dishearten a huge swath of players.
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