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Mount Skills why 60?

I don't know if I put this in the right spot on the forum :* if not my apologies.

I have wondered many times why the mount riding speed, stamina and capacity go to 60.
If it is at its max should it not be 100%

Who knows why this is like this?

I just find it weird and it irritates me which is stupid but I can not help it.
  • Araneae6537
    Yeah, that is weird, but then I wouldn’t want the tedium to take longer than it does. :/ I wish riding worked like other skills and there are already more rewarding and fun incentives to log in every day IMHO.

    And 60 is a strange max number, although 50 would make the most sense to be in line with other skills, unless it really is % based in which case 100 should be max, yes.
  • Aznarb
    Still find log-in 180 day to enjoy a full upgraded month is stupid af.
    1st game where I saw that, main reason why I hate created an alt.
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    My English is far from perfect but I try my best !
  • Firerock2
    who cares?
  • Dusk_Coven
    I have wondered many times why the mount riding speed, stamina and capacity go to 60.
    If it is at its max should it not be 100%

    (1) Excessive speed can have unintended consequences, such as zooming past mobs in overland without getting any aggro at all because you're out of range before they fully aggro.

    (2) ZOS likes numbers to line up. That is why Provisioning V is Level 50 and Provisioning VI is also Level 50, because they didn't want to make more levels when everything else is capped at Level 50. Unreasonably inflexible, IMO.
  • kinguardian
    Thanks guys all your answers made sense actually :) and I do get it now.

    Funny how you sometimes can wonder about things and it doesn't make sense until someone explains it.
  • idk
    Why 60?

    Originally we had 50 upgrades that could be made top each mount. You could purchase from the stable a speed mount or a bag mount or a stamina mount. Each of those mounts came with a base of 10 to the respective stat.

    So if we put every thing into speed the mount would be +50 speed. If we got the speed mount and put everything into speed we could get a +60 for speed. But this was specific to the mount. If you wanted an inventory mount you had to get a second mount and swap to what you wanted at the time.

    With 1.6/2.0 (iirc) Zos made mount skills per character instead of per mount and merged all of the training done on all mounts per character. They had to do +60 for each stat since some people had bought the special mounts mentioned above. But now we could train mounts up to +60 for each stat.

    That is the history and why it is +60.

    I am sure someone has said this much better than I have.
    Really, idk
  • kinguardian
    @idk you explained it very clear, thank you I appreciate that. With all the answers it makes sense now to me.
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    60 is an entirely arbitrary number. So is 180.

    It creates a 60 day grind to get a full-speed horse, and a full 180 day grind to complete all the training, which is all the more painful and frustrating because deep down you know that it's entirely arbitrary.

    Or, you could buy some of those spiffy riding lessons from the crown store. Look, when you use them they go all shiny and make a happy noise! It's a wonder they don't create a cloud of little sparkly twinkly stars as well, it must make the devs so happy when people use them. [sigh]
    PC EU
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