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Bethesda, I'm starting to get really frustrated with the technical issues.

First, I made a thread about not receiving my mount despite spending many hours trying many different steps with unhelpful moderators and even more unhelpful community members, you should see what those toxic community member animals typed. I still keep getting error messages on Steam when trying to connect to ESO. Now, it's giving me an error message when I try to log into the client. It tells me to go When you go there, you're prompted to input information, including some of the most ridiculous questions like: "Name of registered user" (I don't remember putting my real name), "City of your original login" (I definitely don't remember inputting this information) and if you don't remember any of this or you don't think any of those were ridiculous, you'll like, "Date Account Created." And all of these are required fields. It's like one problem on your website, client or in-game, leads to two or three more problems.
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  • ZOS_RikardD

    Can you let us know which error message you are receiving when you try to log in?

    If you are unable to log in and are trying to use our account recovery page here. We request this information is answered to the best of your ability so that we may verify your account for security purposes. If you do not know the answers to all these questions, we have additional verification questions we can ask you once you have submitted your ticket.

    If you are able to log in to your account page here, then an account recovery ticket isn't necessary as the issue is client or game-related.
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