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Cyrodiil wait times

I’ve noticed that I hardly ever have a wait now to get into Cyrodiil. I don’t know if it’s increased capacity or fewer people playing. The bad news is that it’s also crashing more. Anyone else having more problems with the game crashing?
  • OGNZ3
    What, queue to pop into Cyrodiil ? Something i didnt see on Xbox EU since at least a year
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  • RoyalFruitBat
    I still have to queue sometimes but not as much as I used to and not for very long.
  • josh.lackey_ESO
    A lot of people quit Cyro because of faction locks and general decline.
  • technohic
    Judging by your avatar, I'm guessing AD. What server?

    For DC NA , it's been like that forever outside of weekend prime time or events. Actually; about a month before faction locks, we wouldn't even get pop lock without a queue except for a few minutes on weekdays. Seems we got more DC just before faction lock, and the current campaign, it appears we got more overnight and day presence.
  • Syrusthevirus187
    Faction locks. No matter what the fanatics on here tell you, it's bad for the game. It's not fun. Why play a game that isn't fun. Pretty simple.
  • NBrookus
    I actually saw a queue of 16 on DC a few days ago. The only prime time queue I've seen in months.
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  • Cheezits94
    I play AD on PC EU (Kaal), haven't seen a queue in over a year.
    Only exception was Midyear Mayhem Event.
    If you can't even spell sets, locations and items, you probably have no clue what you even are talking about.

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