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♦ Outcasts and Rejects ♦ Multi-core, Veteran Trials Guild


The Outcasts and Rejects is a Veteran Trials guild with three Core teams.

With a focus on progressing, completing, and mastering all Veteran 12-man content in the game, players dedicated to putting the time in will find success in O&R. Between scheduled Core Trials, Outcasts can also find plunder runs, gear farms, and groups for 4-man content (whether your goal is pledges, achievements, or all of the above).

Stack North (Core 1)
  • Monday & Thursday at 8:15 PM - 10:30 PM EST
  • Looking for DPS - min. of 85k+ StamDPS & 75k+ MagDPS
  • Requires vMoL clear and Prefers vHoF clear

Last Pull (Core 2)
  • Wednesday & Thursday at 8:15 PM - 10:30 PM EST
  • Looking for DPS - min. of 85k+ StamDPS & 75k+ MagDPS
  • Prefers Craglorn HMs and vMoL Clears
  • Currently Progressing vHoF

Working as Intended (Core 3)
  • Friday & Saturday at 11:00 PM - 01:15 AM EST
  • Looking for Back-up only - min. of 80k+ StamDPS & 70k+ MagDPS
  • Requires Craglorn HM Clears
  • Currently Progressing vAS +1

All players are expected to get verified ASAP: DPS have 1 week while support have 2. Members must be verified in order to run in Outcasts and Rejects' Core Trial runs, in addition to most scheduled non-Core DLC Trial runs. DPS verify by submitting 5 minute clips of their parses - on the 21 million HP Iron Atronach - which minimally include their end of parse, full equipment, character screen with food & Mundus, and blue CP. Tanks and Healers are verified via running vDSA with Officers.

Outcasts and Rejects is most interested in players who are hungry to improve individually, improve as a member of and with the guild, and to succeed in both areas. We want people who want to run the content, who want to get better at their class and role, and who want to master the pulls. While the personalities in Outcasts and Rejects are down-to-Earth, the goals are always to reach the next level. If that sounds like you, then we have a spot ready and waiting!

Either respond in thread or privately message me on these forums for an invite.

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