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Anyone else getting terrible performance/FPS drops?

Soul Shriven
Made a new character a few weeks ago and levelling ti was fine, and then maybe after an update or so suddenly the games performance just became terrible while in dungeons, still somewhat bad outside, just not has bad. It happens when there's more than 1 enemy, and corrects itself when 1 dies. (I'm not sure how this website does with links to another, but here is a clip of the game slowing down, and then suddenly catching up)

It's happened a few times and when it does I can't do anything. Is this an issue with my Xbox? Internet? ESO? It's hard to play now, I just go on my main to do daily dungeon and that's it. I play on an NA server with a friend where it still happens, but it's nowhere near as bad as my EU one.
  • ZOS_RikardD

    Please try our troubleshooting steps for ESO lagging on Xbox One here and let us know if you see any improvement.
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  • somebody21
    Has happen to me scene last dlc i even upgraded to an xboxone x same performance issues, not just frame drops but extremely bad to the point of mobs being invisible. My wife however plays fine on same internet router with an xboxone s.
    And yes did all the stuff they tell you delete temporary files reinstall, even new xboxone x not my problem, i don't think they care but there going to help the frame rate some next year lol.
  • aminecraftuserb16_ESO
    Soul Shriven

    Please try our troubleshooting steps for ESO lagging on Xbox One here and let us know if you see any improvement.

    I tried that and nothing changed.
  • Plazadearmas
    I have been playing ESO on Xbox since launch, I dont know 5 years ago? I even upgraded to Xbox 1X in December, the lag n the game nowadays makes it UNPLAYABLE. I will cancel my ESO+ subscription this month and honestly looking elsewhere for MMORPG game... I really had a nice run but giving up on lag issues on console being fixed.
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