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Has this patch changed the choice of class you main?

  • OtarTheMad
    Nope, I am still on Necromancer, I have both stamina and magicka. (for some reason lol). I am testing a few builds to counter the changes.
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    Caelia Althrilius- Imperial Sorc tank

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    Jovorick Carington- High Elf Necromancer
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    Kathariel Many-Arrows- Bosmer stamcro
    Jormiskr- lowbie nord dk
    Boney-Tail- Khajiit tank lowbie
    Haunted Luigi Board- Lowbie Argonian warden
    Should Follow Meta- Nord Necro
    Serkeril White-Paws- Khajiit NB

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  • Jhalin
    My Templar healer is converting to a dps with RoR, Blazing Shards, and blue orbs. Can do everything a healer can in dungeons with far more dps.

    Stamblade stopped being a top pick in this only viable role (dps), and everything in their kit besides cloak got given to generic skill lines, if we’re generously not including invis pots, and they have no synergies to offer for the lokkest meta, and nothing to start to match the AoE fracture offered by other classes.

    Maybe I’ll finish leveling my Templar tank and just bum rush vets with 3 dps.
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    Varona Drelos - 50 Dunmer Magblade
  • ArcaneBlue
    I used to main a healer then I lost all the hope I had for healer roles even though some people keep saying oh its not that bad yadda yadda yadda. sure there may be a different way to heal with this patch but that is not what I want to do, I liked the old ways. if I can't have that, then why should I have to feel like I am enduring a pain to adapt? I PLAY this game because I want to have fun, and if I cannot enjoy what I used to enjoy, well I'm just going to do my 2nd favorite role, pve tanking.
  • Rake
    Yes. My main and all my alts are retired atm.
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  • FrancisCrawford
    I basically had "co-main" specs for PVE endgame: Pet sorcerer and magplar. Now there is one.
  • VDoom1
    Considering my main is an Imperial Dragonknight Tank, nope.

    At first I thought it was kinda silly for people to rage about "healers ruined!". However...if the class or skills have been changed so dramatically that the characters and the builds just feel...well...alien. Then I can see why some people are quite frustrated.

    Personally I haven't really noticed any of the class changes yet.
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  • Nyladreas
    akray21 wrote: »
    Medium armor is dead in PvP, so with the DOT meta I'll be playing Magicka Templar for the purge and all the juicy DOTS.

    It's not dead lol its fine, just adapt to and overcome the new weaknesses. I tried yesterday after seeing everyone complain and I couldn't stop rolling my eyes at how shortsighted people are.

    Even certain insanely high crit builds shine now and they're fun af since people don't expect it.
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  • wishlist14
    Runefang wrote: »
    I feel like I can finally play my Magicka Warden in the end-game without being a burden on my progression group. Still lots of practice to do to change the muscle memory for the new rotation and build but I'm happy put in the effort.

    It's extremely odd to not have a spammable though, it will take a lot of getting used to.

    Im going to dust off my magden
  • wishlist14
    Thank you all for the insightful and constructive comments. I'll take a lot of the info onboard. Looks like I might be playing my magden again. I kinda missed her tbh.

    I see truth in every heartfelt comment since I know it is your genuine experience and I hope we can all find our way back to playing a class we love and a build that resonates with us.

    Here's hoping for the best and wishing for some future stabily.

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  • BomblePants
    I’m on console and reading the forums with some trepidation..... I’m thinking of dusting off my Templar based on what I’m reading.... but I’ll have to wait and see....
  • wishlist14
    I’m on console and reading the forums with some trepidation..... I’m thinking of dusting off my Templar based on what I’m reading.... but I’ll have to wait and see....

    Yes i hear you @BomblePants . My healer is a templar. I'm waiting a bit too. Testing the waters atm.
  • Nordic__Knights
    I got jiggy with it done a lot of race changes made some stamina characters into magic characters just kind of glad I mained a Nightblade since they're so easily changed
  • Elwendryll
    I changed a morph and swapped 2 skills. That's how I changed for the update...
    I don't see what could make me change my main. I'm not playing it for what it does, but because it's my main.
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  • Mayrael
    Nope, why?
    I am doing my best, but I am not a native speaker, sorry.

  • Vapirko
    Nope, still hobbling along on my stamina templar. I may have missed the classes hay day but I just don’t have as much fun on any other class in PvP.
  • BRogueNZ

    dps wise great but I'm not getting used to current numbers because that will be adjusted.
    I think other than the shock and awe over dot damage the underlying nitty gritty is pretty good.

    some stuffs though

    break free seems crazy delayed

    In combat is still the thing.. grr gnash

    blame healing they all cried!
    now we have more dots, more AOE targets, just as many hots to try and deal with it all, still really messy

    (pardon the tangent)
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  • danara
    wishlist14 wrote: »
    I’m on console and reading the forums with some trepidation..... I’m thinking of dusting off my Templar based on what I’m reading.... but I’ll have to wait and see....

    Yes i hear you @BomblePants . My healer is a templar. I'm waiting a bit too. Testing the waters atm.

    Main healer for 5 years here. I Used to play templar because it was fun... But now i find it boring... But instead i am now playing warden healer, truelly i am surprised, way more fun to play.

    So my main is now warden i guess, you should give it a try!

    Bogdan + perfected olorime (lightning staff) + jorvuld (on 5 body) + Master Resto Staff (the change they do is so OP that it become stupid, i would have prefer something like each time it heal you gain 750/12 stamina... The staff want that you spam... But the spell is not for spamming... Bad design but still OP)

    Bar 1 :
    Budding seeds, the change is awesome
    Illustrous healing, better hps and last longer than springs (i still hâte the fact that i cant spread this aoe like before...)
    Combat prayer
    New mutagen, 3 target is enough for trials, you Just drop it 2 times, and it heals for a lot
    Shroom because the regen buff is still Nice to have

    Bar 2
    Blue betty (i am not playing for regen, because olo and jorvuld are full regen + Shroom buff i m always at max mag) for major sorcery
    Blockade for off balance/Minor vul
    Orb for ressources (the fact that you dont need to spam it anymore allow you to have less regen => GO FOR 3,SPELL DAMAGE ENCHANT ON RINGS)
    Overflowing Altar thanks to the change of lifesteal (can crit) + synnergie
    Flexible spot, if the other healer is using Elemental Drain go for Extensive Frost Cloak

    Try this and tell me what you think.
    In my opinion it is way more fun than templar where half thé time you are just here doing nothing...
  • Tirps
    Nah, still stuck at magblade even tho its quite bad situation when compared to other classes, but at least those resto changes helped a lot when it comes to lack of self heals.
    cp1k+ ( ´•౪•`)
  • mocap
    if you talk about achivements, then nothing can change your main (except class change token :trollface: )
    if gameplay, specifically roles, then ... irrelevant?
  • Devil_Keyz
    Depends if my stamwarden ends up sucking in Cyrodiil after patch I’m gunna cry 😂 then go to my stamcro which I don’t really wanna do lol
  • pdblake
    No, still playing petsorc on the only character I have. I might start another when I get this one to Master craftsman.
  • BomblePants
    @wishlist14.... let me know how your Templar gets on!
  • aLi3nZ
    Well mag sorc has been hurt badily so I tried to go to my mag nightblade very breifly. But after 5 mins I didn't feel it was going to be much better. If anyone disagrees and thinks magblades are awesome, please advise for what reasons.

    All I have is 1 sorc and 1 mageblade so can't really try anything else without having to grind a lot.
  • Canned_Apples
    They nerfed all the skills I use in my builds... they weren't even meta....
  • aaisoaho
    Still a bosmer stam sorc. I made some minor changes on my skill bars and I feel like vMA just got easier after the patch.

    Previously my bars:
    1. Blood craze, flying blade, deadly cloak, rearming trap, vigor, flawless dawnbreaker
    2. Crit surge, hurricane, poison injection, endless hail, caltrops, ballista

    1. Rending slashes, whirling blades, deadly cloak, rearming trap, soul splitting trap, flawless dawnbreaker
    2. Crit surge, hurricane, poison injection, arrow barrage, vigor, greater storm atro

    Still working on getting the vMA bow and after I get it, I'll try to farm some new head'n'shoulders so I could swap my weapons to vMA ones.
  • Saril_Durzam
    My templar main has become not just healer, but DD now that i dont trust my magsorc as much as i did. Still testing it , though. My PvP stamden keeps rocking and will probably see more playing now. Also will finally level up my stamcro and stamsorc. Wish my magsorc was stamsorc... Weird?
  • sudaki_eso
    Of course i will stick to my main, why wouldnt i? just because i might do 1-2k less dps?
    a good craftsman never blames his tools :wink:
    PS4 EU - StamDK
  • ayu_fever
    i only tanked for a couple years, then mained heals for the last year.
    i have always refused to run dps because i dont have the patience to mash buttons in a special sequence. (i do have a werewolf toon i mess around with. i can handle spamming light attacks, but i dont do trials and vet stuff anyway.)

    gloom and doom,
    the sky is falling,

    im not healing anymore. these nerfs were just too much.
    im back to only tanking indefinitely!!!
    all characters are members of the ebonheart pact master race

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    Zelina Straight-Fire, dark elf warden healer: THE RANGER
    Diana Straight-Fire, nord templar tank: THE CLERIC
    Sasha Straight-Fire, nord dragonknight tank: THE FIREWALL
    Freyja Straight-Fire, nord warden PVP ice mage: THE ICEBERG
  • Jenzi
    My stamden will always be my main no matter what happens, but I hate that this patch has made me feel like less of a warden. My class identity is what makes this game fun for me, using all animal/nature based skills, my little bosmer running around at one with nature, with the occasional werewolf bloodlust.

    Now to remain viable I have gone from 5 warden skills to 3, and the werewolf is no more. So now not only am I stealth less, but they are chipping away at my warden skills too.

    I’m not happy.
  • TheShadowScout
    wishlist14 wrote: »
    Has this patch changed the choice of class you main?

    I play my mains because of the -character- not because of the game mechanics! And I would never feel any different about my mains because of any rebalancing changes. Yeah, I might make changes, redo skill morphs or swap gear is something I set up no longer works... but I stay with my mains, and I adapt.
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