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Has this patch changed the choice of class you main?

Please keep your comments civil. This is not a baiting post. I'm honestly curious about any changes you as a player has had to make to adapt to this patch, class wise or skills wise.

Example: Healers are you still maining your usual class and what skills have you made changes to? How about gear?
Dd: Are you playing your main dps character or have you decided to play a different classs ? Are you still going to play on your main dps but with skill or weapon chages?
Tank: Have you noticed any major changes to your tanking skills and have you had to make any tweaks or major adaptations to your overall build ?

Thank you kindly for your comments in advance and yes I realise a lot of players are feeling the sting of having their beloved class nerfed but please try to answer my questions and then vent lol
Thank you 😊😊😊
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  • StrandedMonkey
    Stamina Wardens are terrible classes for dueling. With this patch they're even worse.

    Yea I'll still play it probably.
  • akray21
    Medium armor is dead in PvP, so with the DOT meta I'll be playing Magicka Templar for the purge and all the juicy DOTS.
  • Runefang
    I feel like I can finally play my Magicka Warden in the end-game without being a burden on my progression group. Still lots of practice to do to change the muscle memory for the new rotation and build but I'm happy put in the effort.

    It's extremely odd to not have a spammable though, it will take a lot of getting used to.
  • SirAndy
    I got 4 mains (with 4 different classes) and there's one that will be parked for now ...

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  • Tryxus
    Nope, still a Magicka Warden main and I'll still be healing where it's needed. And DPSing where it's not :p (gives the Bear a chance to stretch its legs :D )
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  • VaranisArano
    Nope. I play classes I enjoy and nothing about this patch changed what I enjoy about my MagDK and my Stam Sorc, my two "mains". Mind you, I don't chase the meta, so I'm sure that has something to do with it. I had to swap some skills and morphs on my Stam sorc, but that was it.
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  • Saelent
    I love my Necromancer and love the changes that make her a bit stronger than before.
    Class based purges ftw!
  • angrylizard
    Soul Shriven
    Changing my main no, but I am not using my stamdk for pvp am making a magblade so I can team up with a friend and just apply dots in the distance, it's low risk high reward. This is unusual for me because I've been with my stamdk through thick and thin, but this patch I can't justify playing him due to the amount of dots.
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    I have 6 Mains. I make small adjustments, and carry on. Just like every other patch that has come before. Except 1.6 that was the last real overhaul to the character system. And that was like 4 years ago.

    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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  • Rex-Umbra
    Console but excited to gain two dots that fit my classes color theme.
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  • AcadianPaladin
    No class change (but a role change) for my main here. She was a templar healer; now she's a templar dps and runs strictly solo.
    PC NA (PvE)
  • Lord_Wrath
    With my limited time I just play one character since there is always something to achieve. I would love to try other classes but I just dont have the patience to put the time and effort into it when my main has already done it.
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  • Bosov
    I noticed a influx of magplars in Cyrodill. A counter to all the dots and also able to cast some ridiculous dots yourself while also be hard to kill because of all the healing.
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  • Matthew_Galvanus
    honestly im not sure. i love sorcerer, but this debacle forced me to rebuild my character from the ground up.
  • marius_buys
    Ugh, the appocalyptic patch rage
    we hates it, we haaaates it!
  • likecats
    Magplar seems to be the class that benefited the most this patch.
    Significantly harder to kill in duels now, and in general. Maybe I'll have to dust off my Magplar as well.
  • LeHarrt91
    Nope, will remain a DPS Warden. But yes will use slightly different skills.
    PS4 NA 1100+ CP
    Have played all classes.
  • Grandma
    kind of.

    i used to main magsorc a lot. All my achievements, crafting, motifs, everything on her. Been playing her since i moved to PC. when i do raids and harder dungeons i usually swapped off to my magplar. more meta race and build, easier rotation, stronger numbers. This patch i find myself playing my sorc less and less. Pretty much just use her to eat motifs. maybe some day when magsorcs hit the limelight again i'll dust her off but for now she remains my write/crafter/motifeater. Magplar is what i'm spending more of my time on.
  • TwinkleNoze
    I've got a stamcro parked which I will level up once the patch drops. (Yes I'm a console peasant) until then it's business as usual for my magblade.
  • ccfeeling
    I may not join the PUG trial , I am healer ;)
  • Tatanko
    Nope! Still playing an Imperial Stamplar, no matter where it falls on the meta totem pole. I have adjusted a little though, and overall I'll be better for it because I was being stubborn about changing my gear.
    Silvanus the Gilded
    Merchant & Guild Advisor
    Imperial Templar - PC/NA
  • Iskiab
    I might change, I’m not sure yet. I feel relatively weaker then before the patch as a magblade healer. I’m going to try different setups and play my warden and Templar alts before deciding.
    Looking for any guildies I used to play with:
    Havoc Warhammer - Alair
    LoC EQ2 - Mayi and Iskiab
    Condemned and Tabula Rasa - Rift - Iskiab
    Or anyone else I used to play games with in guilds I’ve forgotten
    Only tanking now. Can't get used to the new skills on my DPS characters. Im getting frustrated.
  • GeorgeBlack
    However the games performance made me dl another game.
    No idea why they though it was a good strategy to release new content without fixing cyrodiil and GF.
    Them priorities..
  • MaxJrFTW
    Last patch stamblade and magplar were my mains. This patch i'm dropping stam completely due to cast times on ults. Dropping magplar as well because the class simply isn't fun to play, and it's not half as strong as people make it out to be.

    I'm maining magden this patch.
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  • Siohwenoeht
    Well, some skills I'd shelved long ago for my magplar will make a comeback, as well as a two-hander for my stamsorc and stamdk (for PVP, probably stick with bow for PVE).

    If you stick around long enough most things cycle.

    My stamplar and magblade and 2 necros are still in development, so easy to change if need be.

    I'm still not sure what I'll do with my 2 wardens...

    Only toon not really changing is my dk tank. Might shuffle some traits or enchants but oh well.
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  • yRaven
    Being a PVE DD MagPlar i can say i didn't change anything, skills or sets, but on PVP side i don't know yet, will test first
    Why have many Builds if one is enough... maybe two?
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