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Can my characters some hotpants already?

I'd like an outfit style for legs that resembles very short shorts. Think boxer-briefs.

Here's the thing, many of my characters have full body tattoos or magnificent fur. I would like to be able to show that off without resorting to becoming a pantsless hippie. Also, I would like just a little more coverage than the underwear provides. The tier 1 Argonian guards would be alright (maybe a little long) if they had a decent texture and didn't interfere with how your character's lower legs and feet look.

Also, not all my characters look good in those short skirt costumes. Plus there's the annoyance of flashing your fellow keep defenders when repairing walls and doors.

It doesn't have to be just leg styles either. Chest, shoulder and waist styles could be given similar treatment to allow for maximum vitamin D production while remaining dressed.

So, how about it ZOS? Can we get some styles to show our glorious skins and tats?
  • Mysanne
    Did you try the Nordic Bather's Towel ?
    Edited by Mysanne on July 31, 2019 7:03PM
  • TheShadowScout
    I'd like an outfit style for legs that resembles very short shorts. Think boxer-briefs.
    Might have to wait until they pit Almalexias style in the outfit system... which they actually might someday, prolly as part of an anniversary event much like the companions original styles earlier this year...

    But yeah, there could be some more styles that are showing a bit more skin to let people rock their tatoos, yet still be armor-ish.

    I keep wondering why there is so little barbarian-style "armor plates strapped to bare skin" around... or various "gladiator" styles that do their most to show off glistening muscles and lots of skin (and in turn, also thise crowd-pleasing flesh wounds...)
    An option to hide any armor piece would fix this issue, actually.
    Now, why would they just add that when they get no extra profit from it?

    If we were to talk about them selling "invisible armor" motiv on the other hand... as a collection or in some crown crates, where they could even make it varying rarity depending on , ehm... "exposure"...
    yes please and more vampire gothic themed outfits please
    I reckon those would mostly be costumes and not outfits.
    Which totally would be an nifty addition as well!
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  • EvilAutoTech
    Mysanne wrote: »
    Did you try the Nordic Bather's Towel ?

    My opinion is that it looks like a poorly applied diaper. It may help someone else though. Good on ya.
  • Skwor
    KerinKor wrote: »
    Ogou wrote: »
    Stebarnz wrote: »
    There is always someone trying to distract ZOS from their current job focus of fixing the game with pointless crap!

    Just choose don't show armour option.

    An option to hide any armor piece would fix this issue, actually.

    No thanks, given the juvenile nature of many of these kinds of request I don't want a world filled with this sort of trashy gear.

    A bit prudish
    Edited by Skwor on July 31, 2019 10:09PM
  • wishlist14
    yes please and more vampire gothic themed outfits please

    👻💀Yes please we need some gothic style costumes for our darker characters such as vampires
  • Androconium
    Try the light argonian thingies.
    Aren't you bored yet, @felcign?

  • Roxie5D
    There's nothing wrong with wanting some smexi armor types in ESO. Heck, I've wanted that since I first started playing! <3 As long as they're not too overboard trashy like other MMOs of course.
  • Vlad9425
    The more options for customization the better, after all fashion is now quite a big and enjoyable part of the game. So far the best outfits to show off Tattoos are the Nordic Bather's towel and the 4 short skirt outfits but I'd definitely love to see more options for outfits.
  • Kynewynn
    I agree that we need more outfits/costumes with the idea of showing more skin or fur in mind. Maybe it could be called Dibella's Date Night type of motif or even Sheogorath's Fun in the Sun.

  • Hippie4927
    yes please and more vampire gothic themed outfits please

    I don't care one way or the other about hotpants but vampire gothic themed outfits? Yes, please!!!
  • kaisernick
    God no this isnt world of warcraft if you really want dress slutty then play wow.
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