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ROFL at BGs Really?

So great fighting against a sorc in BGs....

1. attack him
2. he puts on shields over and over again
3. he starts summoning pets while maintainting his shields (mutagen stops me from the killing blow or whatever it is that pops and heals when ur health is low)
4. pets kill me
5. rinse repeat....

That was on my crappy stamplar...on DK with the same gear as the stamplar i just go in there and 1 v 4 everyday...

the update can't come any faster...

Oh did i mention they were miced up and together...

Seriously sometimes now in BGs i just abandon winning and target the mic'd up parties that pull ahead 200 pts while the other 2 are at zero...then make sure they come in second...

Why? because I bro said i'd do good as an nb with the amount of ambushes i do as a stamplar to pull people apart...and wipe them clean....Don't fight them together....hide and will always get overzealous to try and kill somebody...pounce on them before their friends get there ...
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  • KerinKor
    Pointless posts are pointless OP.

  • therift
    Sounds sweaty.
  • TBois
    You can always try a CC.
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  • BigBragg
  • LuxLunae
    Not gonna lie.. i forgot i posted this XD
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