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Champion System overhaul

The recent threads about healing got me thinking about how little choice players actually make when building their characters.

To this day, every character is forced to spend an equal amount of CPs into red(mitigation), blue(offense) and green(sustain) constellations.

How can the Champion System help establish healers as a necessary role in ESO?

Step 0: Increase the cost of healing spells*
So, the first thing that is noticeable with recent changes is that you don't need a dedicated healer in a trial because two extra stamina DDs can just slot Echoing Vigor and sustain healing the group while at the same time playing as damage dealer.
By increasing the cost of healing spells, the healer role comes on top of such "off-healers" because a dedicated healer can invest heavily into sustain. And with the recent changes to Orbs and Healing Springs, healers will have more time for a heavy attack on a downtime if necessary.
Also, the weapon choice of Resto staff should also help alleviate this issue of sustain either by passives or simply by leaving Resto skills with lower cost.
*This step has nothing to do with the actual Champion System, but is groundwork for Character Progression and role choice.

Step 1: Remove the even split between trees
A player can invest any amount of CPs into any constellation, regardless of how many CPs are already spent on constellations in the same tree.

Step 2: Rework how the CP resource bonus works
Currently the resource bonus is active up until CP300, at which point it gives a whopping 20% modification to health, magicka or stamina for merely investing 100CP into any constellation among the warrior, mage or thief trees respectively.
It should be reworked so that for every 30CPs spent in a warrior, mage or thief tree grants 1% extra heath, magicka or stamina.
At the current cap, this would result in a maximum of 27% extra resources divided among health/magicka/stamina as opposed to the current 60% extra resources (20% of each).
This would mean that at 3600 CP, around the year 2042 if ESO continues with 30CP quarterly increases, a player would have a 120% combined resource modifier, 40% for each resource.

Step 3: Rework the constellations
Forcing the players to choose thief constellations to increase their stamina pool will no doubt require all damage CPs that benefit stamina to be transferred to the thief tree.
Also, since healers should prioritize sustain over damage, CPs like Tenacity should be sorted among the mage constellations to make the choice of sustain over damage more emphasized.
This is an example of how to rework CPs:

Step 4: Rework passive stars
It's very easy to fill out passive stars now, and they mostly don't do much. Some of these passives should be made to give meaningful help and tools for players that chose to specialize in a constellation but made less accessible to players that spread out their CPs too much.
Also, non combat pasives should be given at lower CP investment, not as a "final" unlock in a constellation such as War Mount.
For example, one passive can maybe grant 1H&S users that heavily invest into a red constellation, to equip 2H weapons along their shields or simply double the enchantment potency. This would alleviate the meta pressure for tanks to slot two handed weapons such as staves because of Enchantment power.
There is a lot of possibility here, but it's safe to say that some of the current passives don't bring anything interesting into play.
Example of good passives are Unchained, Foresight, Opportunist and similar, where you have to know about the passive and think about how to utilize it in combat to gain maximum efficiency, as opposed to passives like Spell Precision that grant flat stats with no proc condition.

Step 5: Legendary constellations**
Since step one removed the limit to how CPs are allocated between constellations, a player can quickly max out one of the three colors, which requires 1200 CPs, a cap that will be reached in approx. three years time with quarterly 30CP increases.
To combat this halt in character progression, the ability to make a constellation Legendary should be introduced, similar to the Skyrim system.
There are a number of ways to do this. F.E. to allocate more than 100CP into a single star, a player should first fill out the whole constellation, making it Legendary, and unlocking additional 100CP slots in each of the 4 stars in that constellation.
Stars that have 15%, 25% and 35% modifiers at max would gain the possibility to get additional 5%, 10% and 15% to the modifier respectively when maxed with another 100CP.
This also leaves room for some NEW and wonky specialized passives that can be unlocked by dumping a ton of CPs in a single constellation or even make some crazy hybrid passives that take into account two different trees (a passive unlocked by maxing a specific blue and a green constellation combination).
Taking into account that you can now put double CPs into a tree (2400), the theoretical maximum modifier for a single resource would be 80%, which is something to be considered.
**This can be implemented at a later date than the overhaul.

There are plenty of possible hiccups an overhaul like this can introduce, since it enables players to go full glass cannon, and this would make a grand impact on every aspect of the game.
As such, a lot of content, both old and new will probably have to be revised.

I know it's a lot of work, and there is a lot of risk involved, but in the end, the Champion System is already scheduled for an overhaul.
So we should take a look at all the possibilities and how it can shape ESO in the years to come.
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  • frostz417
    Jesus Christ dude, we already have like 300 threads of people spewing their ridiculously uninformed ideas. Can we stop with this? When cp gets reworked it’ll get reworked, in the meantime deal with what we have
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